Rescues And Sheltering Of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever are the innocent looking cute dogs and if you are interested in adopting a puppy then I have a great idea for you! Why not rescue a can either rescue a puppy or an adult because no matter the age no pooch is old enough for the love and care they can check many sites where you can get nova scotia reteriver on sale and many breeders also sell them but rescuing is the better option for you try to adopt an adult puppy and let me tell you why it is a better option for you:

  1. Before rescuing a nova scotia duck tolling retriever you must know how much time this new member of your family is going to spend alone.
  2. This breed is cannot live alone for long time and they require constant attention from their owners.
  3. If you want to train them remember consistency is the key, with passage of time they will get trained and have lesser accidents in the house and outside.
  4. They are a difficult breed in the sense that it is difficult to change their habits like once they learn to soil the carpet it will be difficult to train them out of this behavior.
  5. Potty and pee training is also important for these stray dogs so for your ease take a young pup for emptying his bladder after every 3 hours.
  6. They need more time and activity outside the home so before rescuing it from a shelter ask yourself if you are ready to take them to walk outside several times a day.
  7. They need to empty their bladder first thing in the morning so be prepared to wake up early and take him outside and be stick to the schedule.
  8. He needs to be controlled so train him to walk on a leash it is difficult for him but it will be more easy for you and once he get used to it there will be no problems.
  9. Adult dogs bladder are fully developed and shelter dogs are mostly house trained so rescue team will tell you all about and the habits of the nova scotia duck tolling retriever you want to adopt.
  10. Rescue team will tell you for how long he will hold the adult dogs in the rescue shelter are easier options for you and they will learn new trick too once they get used to you and family.

Rescue shelter has all kinds of Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers including purebreds as sometimes they have no home or previous owner has to go to some other country so they leave them at the rescue shelter.rescuers are mostly the people who have volunteered for this work so they have no proper resources to care for these should always consider these shelters so that some good quality bred nova scotia just don’t get wasted there.


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How To Care For A Three Month Old Puppy


A three month puppy is a cute ball of fur full of energy, he is just like a baby, a bundle of joy and happiness for the owners.keep one thing in your mind while you go for the training of a young puppy that he is little and you need to be gentle while teaching him tricks and giving him obedience training.

Try to have a positive intentions and train them with good reinforcements, avoid punishing them entirely and use easy and simple techniques so they can learn fast.but it doesn’t mean you delay the training start training them when they reach three months age, by this age they are ready to take commands and understand the hand gestures.remember the training foundations you are going to set will be carried by them throughout their life.


Little puppies like to nip a lot it is an issue for the new owners and is quite painful at times, but don’t get irritated by this, this is natural with every puppy and they do this during the teething process but good thing is with the little training your puppy will focus on less nipping and if you give him toys he will chew on them.

Some tips to nip the nipping:

  1. Immediately stop playing with him this will give them a warning sign that this behavior is not acceptable.
  2. Give them chewable toys and made from rubber and bones to nip at, when you give them variety of options they will not nip at your hands.
  3. Teething stage is difficult for them as well so buy a proper toy for them.


At this stage he will wiggle and explore new things, he starts developing curiosity for things.they will start developing a better control over their bladders and will wait patiently for you to take them out for peeing.

At this stage their brain is starting to accept the commands you will give them.they will show interest in learning new tricks.they want to mingle with other pets and start recognizing people who frequently come to your house.


At this stage a must visit to vet is necessary where they will get vaccinated or neutered if they are not already gone through the procedure.this is the second round of vaccine and is very much important to keep them safe from various diseases.

Obedience training and growth spurt

Don’t be surprised if you see your dog growing fast because this is stage where growth spurt start, they will be a full sized dog by the time they reach 6 months.

This is excellent time period where they need obedience training train them to be friendly with other pets and stop barking at everyone within the sight.keep his diet and sleeping pattern healthy so they properly grow up.

When you adopt a puppy you have to take extra time from your schedule to give them proper care and love they need, because afterall they will be your companion for a life time.


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How Long Do German Shepherds Live


German shepherd is not an old dog it is a new type of breed which has become very popular recently as a working dog.their main purpose was to herd the cattle, this is why they are very popular.this breed is the most registered breed in UK and it is the second most popular breed in the American kennel club.

Medium to large sized these dogs are considered a powerful and strong breed.they mostly have healthy bodies.most valuable trait in these canines is their intelligent, they are extremely smart and a graceful dog.they are the perfect search and rescue dogs that’s why they are working in the police department as a rescue and guard dogs.when trained they follow the instructions flawlessly.

Lifespan of a German shepherd

  1. There are a lot of important questions people often ask about these canines and the most common of which is how long they live.
  2. Answer to this question is pretty easy, if you have a purebred dog than it has a short lifespan.
  3. Minimum lifespan for a purebred dog is 10 years and maximum is more or less than 13 years.
  4. They need proper care and grooming and with that they will live up to 14 years.
  5. Dogs have longer lives than the cats – average cat live for 4 to 5 years but dogs live for more.
  6. Keep one thing in mind one dog year is about 14 years of human life so a 10 year old German shepherd if compared to a person will live 66 human years.
  7. Mostly lifespan depends on the health of the dog if your dog has good health then he will live for more years than an average dog.

There are some ways you can follow to increase your German shepherd’s lifespan:

  • Ensure they are getting enough nutrients and care by you.
  • You need to keep them under the desired weight range if they are obese they will suffer from many health issues. A healthy dog should have 1700 to 2200 calories daily do not exceed from this limit.
  • They are the most active dogs so they need more time for exercising. Do not skip the exercise it is healthy for their long life.
  • Always choose high quality food for your dog, this will have a positive effect on their health.similar to human if given bad food they will suffer from disease which ultimately leads to short lifespan.
  • Take him to the vet regularly do not skip the regular checkups.this could tell you any early sign of illness in them and will be helpful in stopping the spread of the disease.
  • They are the awesome dogs that need their owners love and affection, when you give them care and your love they will be happier and be a good dog for you.

They are the heavy weight dogs so generally they live longer than other dogs but this doesn’t mean you  do not provide them with enough care and grooming.try to know if they behave in some strange manner and rush to provide comfort.

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Characteristics Of King Charles Spaniel Puppy

If you are looking for dog for companionship than king Charles spaniel is not for you, this breed has a sporty nature where they want to flush the bird in the air and retrieve it.they like the affection of their owners but they are not the dogs for belly rubbing and sitting in lap.they are the largest toy breed and has an athletic nature, they enjoy running, hiking and playing sports most common sports they like are flyball and rally.they are the powerful dogs so great to use for hunting.if they have the nature where they prefer to rest more than they are huge success as a family and therapy dogs.

Here are some notable characteristics for you:

  1. They have a dependent nature where they don’t like to live alone for a long time, if you have a job which requires you to stay at work for long hours than avoid adopting this breed as they easily get sad when they don’t see their owners for long time.
  2. They will surely bark if they see some stranger in the house but they have a loving nature where you can easily calm them so they are not good guard dogs.
  3. They love to chase other cats and birds so you must keep him on a leash when you take them outside otherwise they will get excited after seeing so many birds.
  4. They shed a lot especially during fall and spring to lighten their coat so you need to brush and comb them regularly.
  5. They are purely a house dog so must not be kept outside in any case.
  6. If you want to adopt a healthy dog always buy from professional breeders who know each and every thing about the parent dogs as well, avoid buying from pet stores and mills because their only mission is to sell as many dogs as they can.
  7. They are small and sturdy dogs with 12 to 13 inches tall from the shoulder.
  8. They weigh exactly 18 to 19 pounds not more than that does not buy a toy spaniel because there is no such thing.
  9. They are eager to meet anyone they come across; they are over friendly dogs with fun loving nature.
  10. They can suffer from various health conditions due to genes or later due to unhealthy habits.
  11. You are recommended to feed them half a cup to 1 cup of good quality dog food; feeding him twice a day is necessary.
  12. They have hanging ears which creates problem while they eat so cover them up with a head band so that fur remains clean.
  13. They have medium length coat which is silky in touching.their coat needs to be combed gently twice a week.
  14. Trimming their nails and hair is very important do that once a month.
  15. For preventing gum diseases brush their teeth twice or thrice a week.

They are the breeds who love to play with children but you have to teach your young children to handle them with care and affection.


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Swedish Vallhund Puppies For Sale

There are many market places where Swedish vallhund puppies are available for sale.many breed clubs also sell them and in affordable prices.they are the most alert, cheerful and social dogs with an intelligent mind.

Energy level

  1. They are the most active dogs among other breeds.
  2. They are always eager to play outside and with toys.
  3. They have a huge energy but they can come for a cuddle as well.

Relation with children and other dogs

  1. They love children.
  2. They like to play with children but kids must also be careful as they are the small sized dogs which can easily be hurt or dropped.
  3. They are also good with other dogs and pets but they need to meet them with supervision.

Shedding and grooming

  1. They require occasional grooming like combing and bathing and trimming of nails.
  2. Shedding in Swedish vallhund is seasonal like they shed more in spring and fall.

Trainability and build

  1. They are easy to train as they want to please their owners.
  2. They weigh 20 to 35 pounds, and 12 to 13 inches tall.
  3. Life expectancy is 12 to 15 years.

This dog is from Sweden and is known since 800’s.they have somewhat harsh coat and they are medium sized dogs they are good watch dogs as they have alert nature.they come in gray, red-brown, red-yellow and gray-brown color.they are the most lively dog full of energy and crave their owners attention.

You can easily find a Swedish vallhund near you for sale, as there are many sites and many professional breeders who offer to sell them, but adopting through a rescue shelter is also a great option.the rescue club has always a cute puppy for adoption that need your care and attention.

There is this site where you can find dog of your choice by entering the initials of the dog you want.

You can find a trained Swedish vallhund through this site.they also have purebreds who are cute and adorable, as they have so much energy they tend to destroy things like furniture, toys and cloth even if they are well behaved.these dog at sale are sometimes fully house trained with bladder empty Swedish vallhunds are easier to train than the puppies because of their intelligence level.

They are the good companions but they have a tendency to hurt themselves, they don’t like to be left alone for long time so they must be kept in a company.developing a personality of Swedish vallhund puppy is a difficult task, you need to make sure they follow your commands and become obedient.they are extremely loyal and demand same from their owners.

Do not adopt from a puppy mill as their only purpose is to produce the dogs and sell them as many as they can, they have no clearance certificate about the parent dogs so they might be selling dogs who have some inherited health issues. is another site where you can find your desired Swedish vallhund puppy.


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Some Golden Rules To Train A German Shepherd Dog

A well trained dog is a blessing we all will agree to, if you have a untrained puppy you know how much annoying it is to go through the process of training, you feel frustrated most of the time when they failed to follow your any dog is necessary as nobody can live with an untrained dog, so if you have bought a new puppy or you need to make your dog learn some new tricks you have come at a right place.

Here you will know about some golden rules which will help you with your German shepherds training:

  1. Build in breed foundation – your dog has this specific build in breed foundation and in case of German shepherds they are the working dogs since their origin.they were used to guard and herding the cattle, they are very intelligent so their services are used to search and rescue by the police department.this your dog will still have it in their genes no matter they work or not, they have this natural instinct to rescue and guard the house.though he may be a polite dog he still crave for the working environment.
  2. Emotions of the dogs – your dog are your reflection, they are not human but they have the emotions. Be gentle with them as you train them, do not show anger and annoyance towards them if they fail to follow your polite and use treats and praises when they show obedience this will motivate them to please you more.
  3. Basic need of the dog – basic need of any dog during training is your need to show him how to do it, they consider you their leader, so be a good one.they know you are not a dog but they are comfortable with you and trust you so guide them properly and in language they easily understand and its more better if you show them by presentation.
  4. They does not communicate – they are not human so use simple words like sit, stand, stay, eat, stop and etc. single direct command is enough for them to understand what you want, and body language must also be clear.
  5. Be consistent – dogs doesn’t have a compromising nature so use easy methods to train them like use of single word instead of come here use “come”, instead of stay still use “stay”.be consistent with the training do not confuse them.
  6. Full attention – training a German shepherd requires full attention, better to begin with the yard where they are familiar with the sounds and smells. If you move to some other place like parks there will be a lot more distractions for them that hinder the process of learning.
  7. Positive reinforcement – the dog will respond to the positive reinforcements gladly, physical punishments are a big NO, give them rewards when they obey and remove rewards when they disobey it is that will build a strong bond among the dog and the owner.

Hope above rules helps you in training your German shepherd dog


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Some Basic Tips On How To Train A German Shepherd Dog


German shepherds are a natural guard dogs but they do need proper training to be obedient of their owners.this article will tell you all the basic tips on how you can train your German shepherd dog.

German shepherds has this natural instinct like many other dogs that they bark and alert their owners when they see some stranger lurking on the property.they have a build in alarm in them which makes hem cautious of the presence of someone they don’t know, they have an aggressive nature so they are good guard dogs.keep one important thing in mind that specifically training German shepherd is not a good thing but it will be a liability for you in not in any case abuse the dog to make it more aggressive this will not make them loyal and will attempt to bite you when they get chance.never behave harshly towards them, it is better to start with a puppy because training an adult dog to be a guard dog is only that dog who is a stable and clearheaded one otherwise it will be difficult to him to understand the situation.A social and friendly dog becomes good guard dog.

Here are some tips for you to help you train your dog effectively:

Tip one # a guard dog must be fearless so it is better you start with a puppy dog.he needs to be social and friendly towards everyone.for this purpose take them with you wherever you go, take them to hike, walk and run in the neighborhood so they could identify the people around them.this will make them fearless in new environments so they will deal with un known situations better.

Tip two # train them about basic obedience and enroll them in obedience classes there they will learn proper ways on how to need control over them so these classes are very important.positive reinforcement works wonders with dogs, reward them when they do good and punish them gently when needed.

Tip three # most important thing is to teach your dog when to cease barking, if they don’t obey you they will bark on everyone and on anything, this is the basic obedience rule you have to teach them.on your command they must stop barking immediately.when they become quite give them treats this will make them learn fast.

Tip four # they need to learn when to bark like when any stranger is nearby it is okay if they bark and alert you.give them rewards and praise them if they do so, you should react positively when they bark on strangers, your behavior will encourage them to bark on just the strangers.

Tip five # you can ask someone with whom the dog is not familiar to pretend sneaking into your house, your dog will start barking than intruder should look at him and flee from the scene and you praise your dog, do this practice for some time to teach them.

Training a German shepherd is not difficult as they are the intelligent dogs you need patience and time to teach them things and with time you need proper leash, collar and lots of treats.




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Catahoula Leopard Dog For Sale

Catahoula leopard dog is a fierce looking dog with big rounded eyes full of aggression and motivation. Let us see their main characteristics.

  1. They have a huge energy level and their activity level is also high.
  2. They need moderate type of grooming not a furry coat so once a while grooming session is necessary.
  3. They need high to moderate type of training.
  4. They are often friendly with kids and other pets but generally they are aloof and don’t care for children and other cats and dogs.
  5. It is a medium sized dog.
  6. They live for 10 to 15 years.
  7. Their prey drive is moderate.
  8. They become excellent watch dogs as they are active and alert.
  9. Catahoula leopard is considered an excellent guard dog due to their alertness.
  10. Their country of origin is United States.

As it comes from America so like many other American dogs their lineage is uncertain and mixed.the state of Louisiana has claimed Catahoula leopard to be their official dog breed.they say it has been the part of Native American here since many centuries to become hunters, herders and superb trackers.

This is a beauty which has several names like leopard dog, Catahoula hound, and Catahoula hog dog.they are called leopard due to the significant spotted coat they have, they have huge marbled glass eyes and strange patterns on coat which makes them best choice for watch dog imagine you sneak into someone’s yard and be face to face with this beast you will surely skip a beat or two.

In America Catahoula are considered a rare breed.there is this site you can check it out they have this huge variety of Catahoula leopard dogs and in amazing sale prices.

They are ready and waiting for you there so you can adopt them they range from 300 dollars to 700 dollars.

Another site puppy is the place where Catahoula leopards are being sold in amazing prices.

You need to enter the gender, age, size and your state and they will find the best puppy for you on sale prices mostly starts from 300 dollars and ending at 100 dollars depends on the breed.

There is this AKC breed club located in every state in U.S.A whose main purpose is to rescue the dogs and then settle them in a new should definitely contact them if you want to adopt a Catahoula leopard dog.

This is a affectionate and loyal dog and prefer to stay with the family if trained properly they behave very gently towards everyone.they are used for many purposes such as a stock dog, tree dog, watch dog and a guard dog.their specialty is they don’t like to be mistreated and will attack under self-defense.

They do best with good quality food whether you buy from market or prepared at home.they become obese easily so watch their diet. Give them clean and fresh water and get them check from a vet if they show some unusual behavior as it can be due to a health issue.


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The Best Age To Spay A Puppy Or A Dog

There are so many questions regarding spaying a dog and here we will answer few of them so you know if it is best to do this in heat or wait for the spring.

When we want to explain the best age in which you spay your dog we want you to understand your furry friends heat cycle or in easy words we can say when she is ready to breed.if your female dog is not spayed yet she will technically go into heat twice a year and this will often take place in spring and fall.we have shared with many people and they say that the dog go into first heat cycle when she is of seven months age and a single heat cycle lasts for about three weeks.So keeping above information in mind we say best age to spay a puppy is six months or even earlier if your dog has not gone into her first heat cycle.

How about spaying her during heat

If you ask our honest opinion we do not recommend spaying a dog or a puppy in heat.when she is in heat there is increased blood flow in her surgery parts and it will become a serious condition for her and surgery will be difficult to perform.when she goes into heat cycle wait for at least two to three months and let the heat cycle finished completely.this will give you abundant time to spay her before her next cycle.

When to spay your dog

Some old wives tale tells us to at least wait for one heat cycle before we spay her but this is just a tale we don’t have to wait for that exactly.there are some studies which shows that there is risk of mammary gland cancer and urinary incontinence when you wait for your dog to go through one or two heat cycles before spaying her.urinary incontinence means she will has a hard time holding her pee.

Not spaying her at all

If you choose to not spay her at all she will be prone to many infections of the uterus, a young vet says she has seen most of the unsprayed dogs go through the uterine infections so spaying them is necessary for their healthy in every four unsprayed dogs suffer from mammary cancer which is very dangerous disease.

Select a comfortable veterinary clinic for your dog and a specialized vet must perform the procedure to ensure the safety and health of your pup.when your pet has no ovaries she will have no infections and remain healthy throughout her life.spaying is as important for female dogs as neutered is for the male dogs.

Do not ignore these procedures and raise a healthy dog.


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Short Haired German shepherd Puppies

German shepherd dog comes in two coats long hair and short hair but it is not a different type they are same different is just the length of the coat.people ask too many questions regarding this difference of coat so this article is all about the answers people ask about short haired German shepherd puppies.

Coat length

Coat length is the most variable feature of the German shepherd just like coat pattern and coat this article is all about short haired German shepherd we will just discus them here in detail.

Please note that this is a general information based guide not a professional dvice.only a qualified vet or expert can tell you regarding your pet.

Short haired German shepherd

A short haired German shepherd is a German shepherd which has a short coat, there are medium and long coat German shepherds also available for adoption.usually short haired German shepherd has 1 inch long coat.let us first explain to you the types of German shepherd coats:

There are four types of coat in German shepherd dogs.

  1. Short length coat – these puppies have only an inch long coat.
  2. Medium length coat – this coat is considered the most common coat and undercoat is just a plush in them.their coat is 2 inches long.
  3. Long length coat with undercoat – they have thick hairs and 2 to 3 inch long coat.undercoat is present for weather protection
  4. Long length coat without undercoat – they do not have a undercoat but they have thick hair and 3 inches long coat.

When we talked to an expert about the coats and which breed is best in germna shepherd they say medium coat and undercoat to long haired without undercoat are the best breeds and are affordable dogs.

Short haired German shepherd are not good if you want them to take part in some shows they are not ever disqualified from them but are not favorable for them.only medium length coat German shepherd are preferable who has dense outer coat and plush.

The American AKC states that ideal German shepherd dog must have double coat in medium length.

But other nation prefer a long coated German shepherd puppy with undercoat.we cannot say that people doesn’t love short haired German shepherd puppies but long haired are more useful dogs in many terms.German shepherd is a handsome dog and short hair looks good on them many people like to have a short haired puppy when they want to have it as a pet.

Although long haired look healthy short haired German shepherd has more hair than long hair one.long haired German shepherds are still considered the purebreds but there is no such history about them.short haired German shepherd are good for cold weathers as their undercoats provide them best insulation to bear the cold weather.short haired dogs are a good working dogs they can easily serve in military and police services.

I am sure you will also look for a short haired German shepherd if you want a good watch dog for your home.


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Glen Of Imaal Terrier Puppies

Glen of imaal terrier becomes recently popular in 2015 where people show interest in adopting this has other names like glennie and Irish glen of imaal has an Irish origin and belongs to comes in breed group terrier, it is a purebred and comes in medium sizes.let us discus this breed in detail.

Here are few of the important characteristics of this breed:

  1. They very active dogs with gentle and courageous nature.they are loyal to their owners and behave in an obedient way.
  2. They have a medium height usually 14 inches.
  3. They weigh 34 to 36 pounds which is a normal standard size for a dog.
  4. Their lifespan is also average they live for almost 12 to 14 years.
  5. Amazingly they come in black, blue and brown color.
  6. They can produce 3 to 5 puppies at a time.
  7. This dog is considered to be an expensive dog and ranges between 800 to 1000 dollars.
  8. They are highly adaptable in living with anyone and in any environment.

They will do okay in an apartment and require only a moderate indoor activity, if you have no yard than these are the best dogs for you as they can easily without playing outside.they can live outdoors when the weather is nice but they mostly prefer to stay indoors where their owners are present.

Their barking tendencies are rare so they do not become good watch dogs as they are friendly with other people they will not alert you if you have an intruder in the house.they are also not so friendly with the cats they hate cats.they are very good with kids, as they like to play and are energetic so children love them and likes to play with them they also enjoy the children company and is very affectionate towards them.

They prefer humans over other dogs but it’s not like they are hostile with the dogs just not so friendly.they need daily walk, you can take them in nearby park for some walk and exercise and they will be happy with this routine.they like enjoying their walks beside or on the heels of the person holding the leash.

They have a medium to short haired cost so not so much grooming is required; brush their coat twice a week.bathing is only required when they are extremely dirty otherwise there is no need to give them bath very often.

They are the healthy dogs so health issues are there but not so severe.they generally has no allergies, and out of 5 they are ranked 2 in the intelligence level.they love to play so you need to give them a lot of time and play with them is not a difficult task but patience is always required, they gradually learn everything.

They were used to hunt the vermin’s and badgers and with little training they still can do that.they have a hospitable attitude towards their owners they like to shoe affection and excitement when they see them.


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English Bull Terrier Puppies And All The Information You Need


English bull terrier is a strong muscular dog and puppies are also very unique and powerful they have a round and short back with the strong and long head which is oval in shape.they have black nose, eyes are small almond shaped and dark in color.

They have small ears which are thin and are close together on the head.they have a powerful built very long muscular neck with tough shoulders.their tail is short and hang low, the coat is coarse, short and harsh when touched.there are two colored bull terriers white bull terrier and colored bull terrier.

  • White bull terrier puppies have colored markings on the head but clear body.
  • Colored bull terrier has the black brindles, red, fawn and tricolor markings on the whole body.

Some prominent characteristics of English bull terrier

  1. They are so loyal that if they see their owners in danger or any critical situation they will defend him, they are good watch dogs but generally they are not bred to be a guard dog.
  2. They are the most active breed of dogs, with fun loving and courageous nature. They like to impress their owners by their scrappy and clownish ways. They are polite and very obedient.
  3. They become attached to their owners if you adopt them at young age and wants affection and consistency from the family.
  4. They make a fine family pet but require leadership.
  5. They need supervision and companionship so if you work for longer hours than don’t even think to adopt this as a pet.
  6. They become easily sad when left alone for more than 8 hours a day so if you want to enjoy their company don’t leave them alone.
  7. They love children but sometimes are too energetic for the children to handle, that’s why they are not recommended for household having small children.
  8. Owners will find them protective and overly possessive about themselves, they can be jealous if you pat other dog or cat.
  9. They are strong and firm so need a lot of exercising.they must be given a lot of structure so they stay sane and don’t become destructive.
  10. They need to be trained to become socialize with the people and they need to made leader of the pack otherwise they have the tendency to be extremely aggressive.
  11. The male bull terrier doesn’t get along well with other male dogs.
  12. They like to hunt it is in their nature so if you have a non-canine pet like rabbits or guinea pigs do not adopt them.
  13. They are difficult to train but it is not impossible puppies generally learn more because of their age, adult dogs are difficult to train.
  14. If we talk about adult bull terrier than he weighs between 45 to 80 pounds with 20 to 24 inches height.
  15. Toy or miniature bull terriers weigh 24 to 33 pounds with 10 to 14 inches height.


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Turkish Angora Cat And Some Basic Information About It


This is a stubborn type of cat as once he gets the idea of doing something in his head it is impossible to change it but they are such a cuties that you won’t care if they do some mischievous act.

Some basic information about Turkish angora cats

  1. They are the simple looking beautiful cats they behave very calmly on the surface but when there is some stranger around they do something which shows their intelligence.
  2. They like to climb like most of the cats no bookshelf is high for them, no door will be safe from them and they will open it with the help of their paws.
  3. They are the clever cats which make them entertaining for their family and they are nicknamed as active most often.
  4. They love attention and will do anything even harm themselves if they want to grab your attention.
  5. They are the cats who never gets old they love to play even in old age; they have a pleasant and social nature and will do best in home where there are other dogs and cats.
  6. They like to sit in your lap and make themselves comfortable on the arm of the sofa; they prefer to sleep beside you in your bed.
  7. They have a silky coat with no undercoat, so they are very easy to groom just a weekly combing or brushing is enough.
  8. The coat will achieve full length when the cat is of two years old.
  9. You need to trim their nails every week and keep them clean.
  10. Always use a damp cloth to wipe their eyes and remove any discharge.
  11. You need to check their ears on weekly basis and clean them with soft damp cloth.
  12. Cats are mostly very particular about their hygiene so keep their litter box clean.
  13. Turkish angora cats are good to keep indoor as there is always a danger of attacks by the dogs and coyotes.
  14. Their coat is solid white and beneath it is a long, muscular and firm body.

They are a small to medium sized cats that weigh 5 to 9 pounds.they are friendly towards strangers so it is not possible that they will alert you about some unknown intruder.they mostly live for 12 to 18 years.they got their name from the turkish city Ankara which was formerly known as Angora.they come to Europe when Vikings bring them a thousand years ago.


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Some Information About Dog Breeds Shiba Inu

The shiba inu is a bred which was used to hunt small game, flush birds and wild boar.this is a native breed of Japan and is a small dog.there are five other breeds of Japan: Akita which is a large size dog, Kishu, Hokkaido, Kai and Shikoku.

These are the well spirited dog having small standing ears and they are clever and agile like a cat.they now become a best companion dog in Japan and United States.they have squinty eyes and curly tail they give a look like a fox.

Some Common Characteristics Of Shiba Inu

  1. Grooming a shiba inu is not a problem as they require less grooming though they shed heavily but this is just twice a year.
  2. They are very intelligent and learn quickly.they are hard to train as they are somewhat stubborn dogs a new owner will get annoyed easily when training them.
  3. Though small in size they need ample room to roam about they are not preferred if you live in an apartment and are best for living in a big home with huge fenced yard.
  4. They are not a danger but they don’t like a company of other dogs, they will run and chase after the small animal they see outside.
  5. They are a possessive kind of dogs; they don’t like to share their food and toys.
  6. To get a healthy puppy do not adopt through pet store and puppy mills, only get your dog through a reliable source a person who knows the history and all the genetic diseases the parents have.
  7. Male shiba inu are 14.5 to 16.5 inches tall and female shiba inu are 13.5 to 15.5 inches tall.
  8. Male weighs about 23 and female weighs about 17 pounds.
  9. They are the good natured and bold dogs; they have alert nature so they become good watch dogs.
  10. There are certain health conditions they suffer from but mostly they are the healthy dogs.
  11. They will suffer through some allergies mainly food allergies, glaucoma is also common in them where there is accumulation of fluids in the chest cavity.
  12. They also suffer from eye diseases and cancer, epilepsy is also genetic in them.the are prone to injuries, head tumors and headaches.
  13. If not socialized at early stage they become aloof and hostile towards other pets and people.although they are a smart breed training them is not as easy as training a golden retriever.
  14. When trained properly they grow up to be well-behaved dogs.
  15. They like to walk and run beside the owner but put leash on them for their safety.
  16. They need ½ to 1.5 cups of high quality good dog food twice a day.
  17. They have a thick double coat which makes them look like a teddy bear, he is a naturally clean and odor less dog which is a great quality about them.

They are best for cold weather and it is difficult for them to tolerate hot weather, they are highly adaptable in living in an apartment.


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Samoyed Puppies For Adoption

There is this famous site which works in North America and is the largest non – profit organization where you can easily buy a pet you want. Here is the link of the site

You can find a pet of your desires and build a new home for them.samoyed is the dog which is only rescued in North America, many website provide information on how to adopt Samoyed and how to care for them. Here is the list of some sites where you can search for the Samoyed dog.

  1. Northwest Samoyed Rescue –
  2. Wonderland Samoyed Safe Haven –
  3. San Francisco Samoyed Rescue –
  4. Michigan Samoyed Rescue –
  5. Denver Samoyed Rescue –
  6. Arizona Samoyed Rescue –
  7. Northern Illinois Samoyed –

Adopt a is the largest non-profit organization where many kinds of homeless dogs are available for adoption and one among them is Samoyed dog.

So you are interested in adopting a Samoyed? That is a great idea! Why? Because rescuing an adult Samoyed is a blessing for the dog, every dog no matter puppy or adult need care and love and all dogs once are were puppies, if your heart is set to adopt a Samoyed adopt adult dog who are mostly house trained and sometimes there is special sale going on them.

Why an adult dog is a better option?

  1. Before you adopt consider how much time will you give him and for how many hours he have to stay home alone.
  2. A puppy or adult dog both needs consistent attention but you have advantage when you adopt adult Samoyed is that he will be trained and knows how to survive alone.
  3. You cannot have guaranteed prevention from accidents but they are better option.
  4. Never let them soil your home furniture or carpeting if once you ignore this thing they will do it again and again so establish a firm rule about no soiling.
  5. Take him out to empty his bladder on time don’t let him hold it for too long.
  6. He needs to empty his bladder every three hour.
  7. They need a lot of outdoor activity so before adopting ask yourself if you are ready to take them for a walk daily.
  8. Be strict with his daily schedule of eating, peeing and exercising this will train them and they will be obedient.
  9. They need training to walk on leash so before taking them out practice with them leash on at home.

They are super cute puppies but sometimes their behavior is not pleasant, even a well-behaved puppy will destroy shoes, clothes and love and affection towards them by cuddling and patting them, they are the best companion and crave affection and attention.


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Famous Sphynx Cat Breeders

Sphynx is the cat with no hair, it is a unique type of cat but in my opinion a little scary if you want to have a cute cat than this one is not for has absolutely no coat and it is developed through selective breeding.he loves attention and loves when people notices it.they are the most fun loving creatures and a loyal pet. is the site which is the specific sphynx cat breeders and they also provide you with the list of breeders in other areas of the world.there are many places in U.S where you can contact them and purchase the sphynx cat of your choice.

Sphynx cat breeders in United States

Here is the list of sphynx cat breeders in different states of U.S.A:

  1. Kentucky- AALI
  2. New york – RAMZES
  3. Nevada- BAREMEWS

In other countries:

  • Taiwan- FEIFEILOFT
  • Canada – SPHYNXCRAFT is another site where you can purchase a sphynx cat which has unique color and feature.

These cats are the kid friendly cats , they love the attention and love to play with the kids.they like other pets and seek their attention, if you take them to the park or any public place you will see them enjoying the view and socialize with other pets.

They are easy to groom in the sense as they have no coat so no brushing and shedding problem and you can just give them a bath and pat them dry with the towel.they are good for living in warm weather because of no hair it is difficult for them to survive in cold climates.

They are considered very intelligent and live up to 8 to 10 years.this breed was come into existence by accident, this cat was first born in Canada as a result of genetic mutation, than they were intentionally produced as pets.

This is a medium sized cat which weighs 6 to 12 pounds.they are called beauty with brain due to their not expect them to live outside they love to cuddle with you in your they are genetically produced breeds they are prone to many diseases, most of them are skin allergies and heart diseases.

These bald and wrinkled cats are considered ugly but they are a loving cat and you can easily purchase them now through the above website links given in this article.


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Symptoms And Causes Of Ringworm In Cats

When we heard name ringworm a lean and long worm comes in our minds which may be in round shape but that is not the case with ringworm it is not an actual worm but a fungal infection which affects the skin, hair and nails.this is a condition of skin where red patches appears in circles and this area suffers from hair loss.this is a highly contagious disease where it spreads to other pets and even humans too.

Symptoms and causes of ring worm in cats

  1. You can clearly see the skin lesions that appear on the head, forelimbs and ears.
  2. Ringworm is the reason you see flaky bald patches on the skin which has a red look mostly in the center of the patch.
  3. Mild cases only show dry patches or dandruff which has redness.
  4. While the severe cases of infection appears on the whole body of the cat
  5. It is a possibility that a cat carry ringworm but doesn’t show Any symptoms.

Reason behind getting ringworms

There are many reasons behind a cat getting ringworms it can be due to the direct contact to some infected animal or indirectly contacted with bedding, some dishes and other materials can also be contaminated with the infection and by touching those cats get ringworm.ringworm is a bacteria which can survive in any environment for more than a year.

How to diagnose ringworm

Some cats show few or no symptoms of ringworm it is difficult to look at the skin and diagnose a ringworm, a veterinarian will use expert tools and ultraviolet light to check if the cat has ringworm.he may take a hair or skin cell from an infected cat for examination of a fungal culture.still if they can’t find the infection they refer skin biopsy and microscopic exam to know about the disease.

Which cats can get ringworm?

Ringworm can occur to any cat but kittens which are less than a year and old cats are more prone to this infection. Cats that have long hair and those who are not neutered are also more vulnerable to this disease.warm and humid conditions promote spreading of the infection so the shelters and other crowded places where there are numerous cats and dogs living together suffer from ringworm infection.

What precautions must be taken to keep my cat safe?

  1. For accurately diagnosing your cat you need to visit a vet.
  2. Keep your cat in isolation until it is confirmed that the cat has ringworm infection.
  3. It can easily spread so keep your other pets away from the infected cat.
  4. You also need to thoroughly wash your hands and yourself after you touch that cat.

There are some medications available online and in market which are proved to be very effective for treating ringworm infections in just have to apply the cream after cleaning the area make sure you are wearing gloves.use light pressure while applying the cream, this will be an instant relief for her.


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Signs Your Cat Might Have Urinary Tract Infections And Problems

A cat can suffer from many infections one of which is lower urinary tract is a serious problem where infection prevents the bladder from emptying correctly or even there is some blockage of the urethra *a tube connecting the bladder to the outside of the body*, often the reason is feline lower urinary tract disease which is not one problem rather it is a combination of many clinical problems.

Symptoms of the urinary tract infection

There are few symptoms which show a cat is suffering from UTI:

  1. Frequent and painful urine.
  2. Licking of the urine parts.
  3. Bloody urine.

What could be the cause of urinary tract infection in cat?

  • There could be some stones or accumulation of crystals that block the opening of urethra.
  • Spinal cord problems also result into UTI.
  • Incontinence from drinking excessive water.
  • Weak bladder.
  • Infection in bladder.
  • Inflammation of bladder.
  • Stress or some other abnormality.
  • It could be due to some injury to the urinary tract.
  • It can be due to urethra plug which is accumulation of debris in urethra.

UTI due to health conditions

Some health conditions can also result into urinary tract infection like diabetes and hyperthyroidism.these diseases are also called endocrine diseases which directly affect the urinary tract.

Which cat is more prone to the infections?

Male cats are more prone to these as they have the narrower urethras than female cats and younger cats are also saved from these disease only cats of age four or above will experience the infections in urinary tract.

How to identify if your cat has UTI

  • If you see a bloody discharge with the urine or the cloudy urine you know that it is a infection.
  • When they start dribbling urine everywhere means that they have lost control on the bladder.
  • They will start avoiding litter box and soiling other inappropriate places.
  • They try to strain and cry in painful voice when they try to pass the urine.
  • You will notice strong odor of ammonia in urine.
  • They will feel lethargic and do frequent vomiting.
  • They will constantly lick the urinary opening.
  • They will demand more water.
  • Stomach of a cat feels hard.

What to do if cat has UTI

Call out for emergency and immediately take him to the vet for complete medical examination and don’t late it especially if your cat is straining and crying in pain during it urinates.a vet will conduct a physical examination, a urine and blood culture and ultrasound to know the cause of infection.

How you treat the problem at home

You can make some dietary changes and give him antibiotics prescribed by the vet.increase their water intake, fluid therapy can also be done and if they have stones and crystals than surgery must be performed without delay.urinary acidifiers are also helpful in dealing with the urinary tract infections effectively.

When there is blockage in urethra and the cat cannot pass the urine it will lead to the kidney failure if not treated on urgent basis.take care of the cats and get them properly checked by a vet once a month to ensure their health.


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History And Personality Of Turkish Angora Cat

The Turkish angora cat is a breed of domestic cat and its origin is from Turkey.they are the popular breeds of turkeys city Ankara, it is one of the old natural breeds from central turkey.this is a beautiful cat with clear white and long fur.this breed has many names but the most famous ones are Angora cat and Ankara cat.

History of Angora cats

These cats are the descendants of the wild African cats, these cats were first domesticated at the Fertile Crescent, than they were start breeding and through the process of natural selection.these longhaired breeds are called Turkish van and Turkish angora.

History told us that the long haired Turkish Angora cats were imported to France and Britain in late 16th century but there are some indications of it being seen in early 14th century.persian cat and angora cat are somehow same breed due to the extreme resemblance but they sure are a two different late 17th century Turkish Angora was considered an extinct breed.

Angora and Persian are connected, it is said that Persian cat is developed by the mutation of angora cats and American cat fanciers.though they are the separate breeds they are very much identical to each other.

In 20th century angora cats were used to improve the Persian cats and flat faced Persian cats are the result of this early 20th century Ankara zoo faced many problems in the breeding of angora cats and they were on the verge of extinct.angora cats were bought in Canada in 1963 and were used to pedigreed.

Turkish breeders now feel that the angora cats today lack the sturdier structure they have in the past.

Personality of Turkish Angora cats

Turkish angora cats are playful, intelligent and athletic in nature.their bond with humans is very strong and they are the lifelong companions of the humans.they are very helpful in solving many problems for humans, they have a strong desire to interact with the humans and even some deaf Angora cats show intelligent behavior.

They love to spend time on high grounds in home and outside, they are energetic cats and observe the human activity very closely.they do so well with humans, children and other pets this makes their personality very desirable.

They are famous for their eyes one eye is blue and other one is golden but the blue eye mostly indicates deafness of that side.if a cat has two blue eyes they will likely be deaf.this is not a big problem as they live normal life if you keep them at home.

Turkish angora cats can suffer from heredity ataxia, this is a rare condition and cat can have shaky movements and will not survive to the adulthood.they can also suffer from a genetic disease similar to cardiac diseases which can effects them during 2 to 6 years of age.the Turkish angora was cross breed with many other breeds but the original breed is now just available at Ankara zoo.

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All About Exotic Shorthair Cats

They are nicknamed as lazy man’s Persian due to their resemblance with the Persian cats but they have a short they have short hairs they are easy to care for, exotics are the lively cats but just like Persians they like to cuddle and sit in the laps.they are highly adaptable to any environment so we give them five out five for adaptability.

Some prominent characteristics of short hair cats

  • They are the cats which come into being after mutation between the Persian and American shorthair.
  • This is a sweet and charming cat with short hair and gentle face resemblance with the Persian cats.
  • The exotic is a loving cat but a more lively personality than a Persian cat.
  • They come in black and white colors have round eyes and round bodies.
  • They have a long lifespan of 15 years and more.
  • They do not require daily grooming and they shed not very can call it a non-shedding breed of cats.
  • The fur on the cat is thick but it is a much bigger cat in size than the regular cats.
  • They are a heavy cat with almost 15 pounds weight.
  • They have flattened muzzle and round head.
  • They are sensitive to heat due to short nose.
  • This breed always looks for the places to cool themselves.
  • Due to high temperature it is difficult to breath but when they stay indoor in air conditioning than they will have no problem in breathing.
  • This breed needs simple pleasures of life like they even enjoy a look with a smile towards them and welcome any affectionate touch.
  • Throw a paper ball towards them and they will be so much happy and start playing with you.
  • They are not the jumper type they will not jump on the furniture and will prefer to stay on the ground.
  • Due to its extreme innocence and loyalty they are a true companion.
  • They were introduced in the market after their birth in 1950’s.

They also suffer from potential health problems; mostly they suffer from hypo allergic reactions. They are unique as they come in silver color too, but also come in solid black, red, cream and chocolate colors.

There are many rescue organization working to provide the exotic cat for adoption, they will not always give you a kitten but they will have adult and trained will able to find them in 400 dollars, mostly people left their ill cats when they become sick and abandon them at rescue shelters, keep in mind they will provide same love and affection which a normal healthy cat will provide you.

Short hair is also available as mix breed but if you want a cat who has many genetic problems than go for these cats.shorthair are the wonderful cats a lovely kitten will fill your heart with love, do give them proper care and take them to the vet for regular check up.they act a bit needy when they want to attract attention otherwise it is a very calm cat.

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Healing Golden Paste for Dogs

So it is an interesting name you have heard? Yes you have heard it right it is a glorious golden paste which works wonders for dogs.

Now you were wondering why it is called golden paste? It is called golden due to the color which is the result of turmeric in the have heard about all the amazing benefits of the turmeric before it has a huge healing capacity and a good natural treatment for healing many ailments in humans and animals.

Here we are going to discuss some benefits of turmeric:

  1. It is an excellent and natural cure against inflammation which make it effective anti-inflammation agent.
  2. It is good for dogs as it prevents many toxins to enter the liver.
  3. It helps preventing and in treating many types of cancers.
  4. It is a powerful anti-oxidant

There are many scientific researches still conducted on it.

How to make golden paste for your dog

Golden paste is basically the recipe of Australian vet Dr. Doug English’s recipe that is why it is given the famous name golden paste.

Here is the recipe:


  1. First you need half cup of organic turmeric as organic contains cur cumin which has lots of benefits.
  2. One and a half cup of clean water.
  3. Half or one teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper you can use them after grinding them.
  4. ¼ cup of pure organic coconut oil.


  1. Take a pan and add water and turmeric in it and mix them well.
  2. You need to add one cup of water initially after that add more water if you think that mixture needs it.
  3. Your paste must not be watery if you think it is runny add more turmeric and heat the mixture for some time.
  4. Once a paste is formed add black pepper and the coconut oil and mix the mixture gently.
  5. Turn off the stove and allow it to cool, once it cools off put the mixture in the Mason jar and closed the lid. Put this jar in the fridge.
  6. This mixture is to store for 2 weeks only after that discard it and make fresh one.

Dogs don’t mind the taste of this paste but some don’t like it so they will plainly refuse to take it you need to add it in their food so they don’t can start with ½ teaspoon of the paste and if your dog accepts it gradually increase the dose. A teaspoon is enough for a large sized dog.

Turmeric is a must have for your dog as it will have many benefits for his health, it will keep him active and his body will be free of harmful toxins.try making it today and tell us how it turned out and if your dog like it or not.there are many tutorials available on the YouTube where you can watch how to make the golden paste and how to feed it to your dog.


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Dog Heart Murmur Natural Treatment

Murmurs from the heart of dogs are common thing when there is some disturbance in the blood flow towards the heart you will even hear the audible noises when there are extra heart vibrations in the heart.

Murmurs can be classified according to the timing let’s explain it further:

There are three types of heart murmurs

  1. First is systolic murmurs and they occur when the muscles of the heart contracts.
  2. Second is diastolic murmurs and they occur when muscles of heart relaxes between each beat.
  3. Third are continuous and to-and-fro murmurs and they occurred during most of the cardiac cycle.

These types of heart murmurs are common in both the dogs and the cats if you are interested in learning more on this subject please give this page a visit

What are the symptoms and types of the heart murmurs in dogs?

The symptoms of this disease are associated with variety of characteristics like their grade, formation and settings.however if the symptoms are due to structural heart diseases your dog will show signs like weakness, lethargy, coughing and intolerance towards exercising.

The natural treatment for heart murmurs in dogs

Treatment depends on the stage of the disease like if the dog has low grade murmurs they will only require little or no treatment and the murmur will resolve itself within the period of six months, but if you notice there is risk of apparent heart failure than get it treated with the vets and if heart failure is not evident your dog will be treated like an out patient.get your dog checked routinely and never daily the checkups.

You need to regularly monitor your dog for any underlying symptoms and to ensure they do not suffer from other medical conditions due to the problem of heart murmurs.

If the problem of heart murmur is big than a surgical procedure is required to perform on the can control them through medications, supportive care and specialized diet plans for your dog.your vet is the best person to give you proper advice in this regard.

How a vet will diagnose your dog with heart murmurs

A vet is always qualified in determining the exact symptoms and sounds which are causing the heart murmurs, he will check for any abnormal sounds like split sound, gallop rhythms, ejection sounds and clicks but he will also examine any unusual sounds of lungs and listen to the timing of the abnormal sounds of respiration, he will perform a correlation between all these sounds to make sure the dog is suffering from heart murmurs.

He will perform variety of tests on the dog such as Doppler studies, echocardiography and chest X-ray.if the dog is anemic and murmurs are due to this reason than a complete blood count is preferred for the confirmation.the most common causes are however is location and radiation and timing during a cardiac cycle.

Murmurs are the problems which can resolved itself on time so it is not necessary to provide your dog with any treatment.

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Can Dogs Eat Ginger Candy?

Nothing is as soothing as a ginger when your stomach feels a little off, ginger is a root and belongs to same family as has been in use as a spice since many is a culture to add it in foods in Asian countries, India and Arabic countries.

It is a good ailment if your digestive system is upset and you feel nausea and morning is used to treat the serious diseases like osteoporosis and cancer.this herb is very beneficial for the dogs as well and many researchers are recommending adding it in your dog food for his general health maintenance.

Ginger has this bitter and pungent taste so it is better if you give it in a the form of a candy to your dog so he may take it happily.though ginger comes in variety of forms like powder, pills, tinctures and teas best ways is the ginger is easy and fun way to have ginger.

If you choose any other form you have to set the dosage according to your dog’s weight and the dose for capsules, teas and tinctures is also different for different weights.


  1. Ginger like turmeric is used to thin the blood so avoid it if your dog is undergoing a surgery.
  2. Avoid giving your dog ginger candy no matter how much she like when she is undergoing labor.
  3. Ginger candy will lower your dog’s blood pressure and blood sugar so avoid giving it to him frequently.
  4. Consult your vet before giving him ginger candy if your dog has diabetes, pregnant and any kind of heart condition.
  5. You need not to worry once your vet approves the required dose of ginger as your dog will get right amount of it.

Some benefits of giving ginger candy to the dogs

  1. Nausea can be due to many reasons like climate change, some treatment or car sickness.whatever may be the reason some ginger candy will help him relieving the symptoms.give him a ginger candy 30 minutes before going out in the car.
  2. Ginger candy is for problem of bloating, bloating may be due to unexcelled food and gas and is a painful condition for your dog.stomach of the dog will expand which will make it hard for him to move.
  3. Ginger candy is very good for treating problem of arthritis in dogs as it is a condition of inflammation in joints and ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties it helps a lot for relieving the pain.
  4. Heartworm is a disease you don’t want your dog to suffer from as it very risky for him and difficult to treat.infected dog can be treated through the regular use of ginger but keep it in mind that the procedure to the recovery will be long and difficult for both you and your dog.

It is a study that ginger kills cancerous cells in dogs so for boosting immunity and strength of your dog give him ginger regularly to keep him away from cancer.

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Benefits Of Golden Paste For Cats

Golden paste is a combination of two most beneficial ingredients one is turmeric and other is coconut oil, third ingredient is black pepper which has tons of benefits and is taking medical science by storm history is if once you become fan of these three things you will have a positive impact on your health and live your life with good merits.

All the above mentioned foods are called “trendy super foods” why because turmeric is not only a spice but it serves for many other medical is used for its healing properties since long.we have found that over 3000 publications are published on this spice over past 25 years.


  • Turmeric has standardized cur cumin which is a phytochemical agent and responsible for the yellow color of turmeric.
  • It is the only medically active compound in turmeric.
  • Cur cumin is made up of other 100 bioactive compounds.
  • It is anti- bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and anti- cancer.
  • It treats Alzheimer’s effectively.
  • It is good for bowel diseases, asthma and arthritis.
  • It is very effective in relieving depression.

Golden paste for cats

Golden paste has many amazing benefits for cats and it is very easy to just need water, turmeric, coconut oil and black pepper for making it.add water and turmeric in a pan heat it to make a paste make sure it is not watery now add coconut oil and black pepper cool it and put it in the fridge for further use, add this mixture in your dog’s food or you can directly give it to him if he doesn’t mind the not store it for more than two weeks discard it if you feel any fishy smell coming from it.

It is advisable for you to work with your vet if you want to give this paste to your cat.there are many cat foods that contain standardized cur cumin so you need to be careful while giving this golden paste to your cat as you don’t want to over dose her with turmeric.

There are some oils which are preferred by the vets to give to the cats as they multiply the benefits of turmeric.mostly vets prescribe use of omega 3-fatty oils this increases the bioavailability of the cur cumin.

For treating acute and chronic inflammation in cats this paste is very is safe and free of toxins but make sure you use organic turmeric as turmeric is prone to toxins due to the storage problems.

It is important to note it here that cur cumin is associated with the thinning of the blood so set the dosage of this paste after talking to your is very good for stimulating bile duct flow so very beneficial for cats having problem of blockage in the bile ducts.but again it is not a side effect free herb and there is no such thing exists.

Turmeric leaves body quickly so it is advisable you give small amounts two to three time a day for better results.

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Top 4 Best Helpful Ways to Heal Depression in a Natural Way

In the fast pace era of today, a vast rise is seen in people who are suffering from health issues like depression and anxiety. The reason behind this rise is changing traditions in different sectors around the world. To get rid of such kind of health problems, people use a different type of anti-depressants including myself.

FDA has approved a lot of depression drugs for the treatment of depression and anxiety. However, the vital thing you need to know here is that such kind of anti-depressants has side effects, which positively can affect your health. Nonetheless, people of today can effortlessly use natural therapies to treat depression and anxiety.

How to Detect Anxiety and Depression Symptoms?

Below I have shared some depression and anxiety symptoms which you can use to check whether you are a patient of depression or anxiety or not:

  • Do you have an increased heartbeat?
  • Do you feel trembling when talking?
  • Do you have problem thinking and concentrating on anything?
  • Do you feel tired and lost?
  • Do you breathe rapidly?

Well, if you have any of these symptoms, let me share some natural healing ways which can help you effortlessly treat depression and anxiety.

  1. Eat a Balanced Diet

Diet for any person nowadays is considered as one of the main aspects which help in keeping your mental health strong and healthy. This is the reason why what you eat can positively link to your depression and anxiety disorder.

If you eat a healthy diet, you certainly will be able to cast away anxiety and depression symptoms. A healthy diet having a balanced amount of protein, veggies, dairy product and fruits can undoubtedly help you effortlessly fight depression and anxiety.

However, if your daily diet contains low intake of fruits, veggies, fatty dairy products, and fully processed meat, you without any doubt are putting yourself at the risk of getting into depression. According to research, a well-balanced diet is an answer to a healthy and stress-free mind.

  1. Perform Physical Activity

By sitting idle and dull, you certainly are giving an invitation to health issues like depression and anxiety. However, if you perform a healthy physical activity, you certainly can get ease in lowering down the symptoms of such health issues and make yourself feel fresh and active.

According to research, a daily exercise routine can effortlessly help people release the natural chemicals in the brain known as Endorphins. By the release of this chemical, you will feel fresh and active.

Furthermore, you can book an appointment at a massage or acupuncture center to give it a try. A good massage and acupuncture can also help to increase the human body’s endorphin levels effectively.

  1. Healthy Sleep

Depression and anxiety without any doubt have a direct connection with sleep. The reason is if you don’t have a healthy sleep, you will feel tired and a severe headache all day, which in result can make you feel stressed out.

There is also research which shows that people who are suffering from a health issue like insomnia have better chances of getting health issues like anxiety and stress as compared to other people.

In simple words, if you have a disturbed sleeping routing, you would naturally become a patient of depression and anxiety. Furthermore, a person who has excessive sleepiness and has insomnia can have a long-lasting phase of depression as compared to a person having slight sleeping disorders.

  1. Dietary and Herbal Supplements

St. John’s Wort is an herbal medication which is likely to be used by patients like me who are suffering from mild depression issues. However, if you are a patient of HIV or going through chemotherapy, it is advised to use this herbal medication with care as it can thin your blood and cause other fatal health issues.

Final Thought

Anxiety and depression are undoubtedly such kind of health issues, which if not treated properly can cause severe damage to a person’s mental health condition. I am sure after reading this post on naturally healing depression and anxiety; you will cure your anxiety and say no to disease after treating it naturally.

I highly suggest going for such natural health treatment instead of going for anti-depressant chemical medications as treating it naturally you will not have to worry about having any side effects.

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