Top 4 Best Helpful Ways to Heal Depression in a Natural Way


In the fast pace era of today, a vast rise is seen in people who are suffering from health issues like depression and anxiety. The reason behind this rise is changing traditions in different sectors around the world. To get rid of such kind of health problems, people use a different type of anti-depressants including myself.

FDA has approved a lot of depression drugs for the treatment of depression and anxiety. However, the vital thing you need to know here is that such kind of anti-depressants has side effects, which positively can affect your health. Nonetheless, people of today can effortlessly use natural therapies to treat depression and anxiety.

How to Detect Anxiety and Depression Symptoms?

Below I have shared some depression and anxiety symptoms which you can use to check whether you are a patient of depression or anxiety or not:

  • Do you have an increased heartbeat?
  • Do you feel trembling when talking?
  • Do you have problem thinking and concentrating on anything?
  • Do you feel tired and lost?
  • Do you breathe rapidly?

Well, if you have any of these symptoms, let me share some natural healing ways which can help you effortlessly treat depression and anxiety.

  1. Eat a Balanced Diet

Diet for any person nowadays is considered as one of the main aspects which help in keeping your mental health strong and healthy. This is the reason why what you eat can positively link to your depression and anxiety disorder.

If you eat a healthy diet, you certainly will be able to cast away anxiety and depression symptoms. A healthy diet having a balanced amount of protein, veggies, dairy product and fruits can undoubtedly help you effortlessly fight depression and anxiety.

However, if your daily diet contains low intake of fruits, veggies, fatty dairy products, and fully processed meat, you without any doubt are putting yourself at the risk of getting into depression. According to research, a well-balanced diet is an answer to a healthy and stress-free mind.

  1. Perform Physical Activity

By sitting idle and dull, you certainly are giving an invitation to health issues like depression and anxiety. However, if you perform a healthy physical activity, you certainly can get ease in lowering down the symptoms of such health issues and make yourself feel fresh and active.

According to research, a daily exercise routine can effortlessly help people release the natural chemicals in the brain known as Endorphins. By the release of this chemical, you will feel fresh and active.

Furthermore, you can book an appointment at a massage or acupuncture center to give it a try. A good massage and acupuncture can also help to increase the human body’s endorphin levels effectively.

  1. Healthy Sleep

Depression and anxiety without any doubt have a direct connection with sleep. The reason is if you don’t have a healthy sleep, you will feel tired and a severe headache all day, which in result can make you feel stressed out.

There is also research which shows that people who are suffering from a health issue like insomnia have better chances of getting health issues like anxiety and stress as compared to other people.

In simple words, if you have a disturbed sleeping routing, you would naturally become a patient of depression and anxiety. Furthermore, a person who has excessive sleepiness and has insomnia can have a long-lasting phase of depression as compared to a person having slight sleeping disorders.

  1. Dietary and Herbal Supplements

St. John’s Wort is an herbal medication which is likely to be used by patients like me who are suffering from mild depression issues. However, if you are a patient of HIV or going through chemotherapy, it is advised to use this herbal medication with care as it can thin your blood and cause other fatal health issues.

Final Thought

Anxiety and depression are undoubtedly such kind of health issues, which if not treated properly can cause severe damage to a person’s mental health condition. I am sure after reading this post on naturally healing depression and anxiety; you will cure your anxiety and say no to disease after treating it naturally.

I highly suggest going for such natural health treatment instead of going for anti-depressant chemical medications as treating it naturally you will not have to worry about having any side effects.

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Benefits Of Golden Paste For Cats


Golden paste is a combination of two most beneficial ingredients one is turmeric and other is coconut oil, third ingredient is black pepper which has tons of benefits and is taking medical science by storm history is if once you become fan of these three things you will have a positive impact on your health and live your life with good merits.

All the above mentioned foods are called “trendy super foods” why because turmeric is not only a spice but it serves for many other medical is used for its healing properties since long.we have found that over 3000 publications are published on this spice over past 25 years.


  • Turmeric has standardized cur cumin which is a phytochemical agent and responsible for the yellow color of turmeric.
  • It is the only medically active compound in turmeric.
  • Cur cumin is made up of other 100 bioactive compounds.
  • It is anti- bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and anti- cancer.
  • It treats Alzheimer’s effectively.
  • It is good for bowel diseases, asthma and arthritis.
  • It is very effective in relieving depression.

Golden paste for cats

Golden paste has many amazing benefits for cats and it is very easy to just need water, turmeric, coconut oil and black pepper for making it.add water and turmeric in a pan heat it to make a paste make sure it is not watery now add coconut oil and black pepper cool it and put it in the fridge for further use, add this mixture in your dog’s food or you can directly give it to him if he doesn’t mind the not store it for more than two weeks discard it if you feel any fishy smell coming from it.

It is advisable for you to work with your vet if you want to give this paste to your cat.there are many cat foods that contain standardized cur cumin so you need to be careful while giving this golden paste to your cat as you don’t want to over dose her with turmeric.

There are some oils which are preferred by the vets to give to the cats as they multiply the benefits of turmeric.mostly vets prescribe use of omega 3-fatty oils this increases the bioavailability of the cur cumin.

For treating acute and chronic inflammation in cats this paste is very is safe and free of toxins but make sure you use organic turmeric as turmeric is prone to toxins due to the storage problems.

It is important to note it here that cur cumin is associated with the thinning of the blood so set the dosage of this paste after talking to your is very good for stimulating bile duct flow so very beneficial for cats having problem of blockage in the bile ducts.but again it is not a side effect free herb and there is no such thing exists.

Turmeric leaves body quickly so it is advisable you give small amounts two to three time a day for better results.

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Can Dogs Eat Ginger Candy?

Nothing is as soothing as a ginger when your stomach feels a little off, ginger is a root and belongs to same family as has been in use as a spice since many is a culture to add it in foods in Asian countries, India and Arabic countries.

It is a good ailment if your digestive system is upset and you feel nausea and morning is used to treat the serious diseases like osteoporosis and cancer.this herb is very beneficial for the dogs as well and many researchers are recommending adding it in your dog food for his general health maintenance.

Ginger has this bitter and pungent taste so it is better if you give it in a the form of a candy to your dog so he may take it happily.though ginger comes in variety of forms like powder, pills, tinctures and teas best ways is the ginger is easy and fun way to have ginger.

If you choose any other form you have to set the dosage according to your dog’s weight and the dose for capsules, teas and tinctures is also different for different weights.


  1. Ginger like turmeric is used to thin the blood so avoid it if your dog is undergoing a surgery.
  2. Avoid giving your dog ginger candy no matter how much she like when she is undergoing labor.
  3. Ginger candy will lower your dog’s blood pressure and blood sugar so avoid giving it to him frequently.
  4. Consult your vet before giving him ginger candy if your dog has diabetes, pregnant and any kind of heart condition.
  5. You need not to worry once your vet approves the required dose of ginger as your dog will get right amount of it.

Some benefits of giving ginger candy to the dogs

  1. Nausea can be due to many reasons like climate change, some treatment or car sickness.whatever may be the reason some ginger candy will help him relieving the symptoms.give him a ginger candy 30 minutes before going out in the car.
  2. Ginger candy is for problem of bloating, bloating may be due to unexcelled food and gas and is a painful condition for your dog.stomach of the dog will expand which will make it hard for him to move.
  3. Ginger candy is very good for treating problem of arthritis in dogs as it is a condition of inflammation in joints and ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties it helps a lot for relieving the pain.
  4. Heartworm is a disease you don’t want your dog to suffer from as it very risky for him and difficult to treat.infected dog can be treated through the regular use of ginger but keep it in mind that the procedure to the recovery will be long and difficult for both you and your dog.

It is a study that ginger kills cancerous cells in dogs so for boosting immunity and strength of your dog give him ginger regularly to keep him away from cancer.

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Dog Heart Murmur Natural Treatment


Murmurs from the heart of dogs are common thing when there is some disturbance in the blood flow towards the heart you will even hear the audible noises when there are extra heart vibrations in the heart.

Murmurs can be classified according to the timing let’s explain it further:

There are three types of heart murmurs

  1. First is systolic murmurs and they occur when the muscles of the heart contracts.
  2. Second is diastolic murmurs and they occur when muscles of heart relaxes between each beat.
  3. Third are continuous and to-and-fro murmurs and they occurred during most of the cardiac cycle.

These types of heart murmurs are common in both the dogs and the cats if you are interested in learning more on this subject please give this page a visit

What are the symptoms and types of the heart murmurs in dogs?

The symptoms of this disease are associated with variety of characteristics like their grade, formation and settings.however if the symptoms are due to structural heart diseases your dog will show signs like weakness, lethargy, coughing and intolerance towards exercising.

The natural treatment for heart murmurs in dogs

Treatment depends on the stage of the disease like if the dog has low grade murmurs they will only require little or no treatment and the murmur will resolve itself within the period of six months, but if you notice there is risk of apparent heart failure than get it treated with the vets and if heart failure is not evident your dog will be treated like an out patient.get your dog checked routinely and never daily the checkups.

You need to regularly monitor your dog for any underlying symptoms and to ensure they do not suffer from other medical conditions due to the problem of heart murmurs.

If the problem of heart murmur is big than a surgical procedure is required to perform on the can control them through medications, supportive care and specialized diet plans for your dog.your vet is the best person to give you proper advice in this regard.

How a vet will diagnose your dog with heart murmurs

A vet is always qualified in determining the exact symptoms and sounds which are causing the heart murmurs, he will check for any abnormal sounds like split sound, gallop rhythms, ejection sounds and clicks but he will also examine any unusual sounds of lungs and listen to the timing of the abnormal sounds of respiration, he will perform a correlation between all these sounds to make sure the dog is suffering from heart murmurs.

He will perform variety of tests on the dog such as Doppler studies, echocardiography and chest X-ray.if the dog is anemic and murmurs are due to this reason than a complete blood count is preferred for the confirmation.the most common causes are however is location and radiation and timing during a cardiac cycle.

Murmurs are the problems which can resolved itself on time so it is not necessary to provide your dog with any treatment.

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Healing Golden Paste for Dogs

So it is an interesting name you have heard? Yes you have heard it right it is a glorious golden paste which works wonders for dogs.

Now you were wondering why it is called golden paste? It is called golden due to the color which is the result of turmeric in the have heard about all the amazing benefits of the turmeric before it has a huge healing capacity and a good natural treatment for healing many ailments in humans and animals.

Here we are going to discuss some benefits of turmeric:

  1. It is an excellent and natural cure against inflammation which make it effective anti-inflammation agent.
  2. It is good for dogs as it prevents many toxins to enter the liver.
  3. It helps preventing and in treating many types of cancers.
  4. It is a powerful anti-oxidant

There are many scientific researches still conducted on it.

How to make golden paste for your dog

Golden paste is basically the recipe of Australian vet Dr. Doug English’s recipe that is why it is given the famous name golden paste.

Here is the recipe:


  1. First you need half cup of organic turmeric as organic contains cur cumin which has lots of benefits.
  2. One and a half cup of clean water.
  3. Half or one teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper you can use them after grinding them.
  4. ¼ cup of pure organic coconut oil.


  1. Take a pan and add water and turmeric in it and mix them well.
  2. You need to add one cup of water initially after that add more water if you think that mixture needs it.
  3. Your paste must not be watery if you think it is runny add more turmeric and heat the mixture for some time.
  4. Once a paste is formed add black pepper and the coconut oil and mix the mixture gently.
  5. Turn off the stove and allow it to cool, once it cools off put the mixture in the Mason jar and closed the lid. Put this jar in the fridge.
  6. This mixture is to store for 2 weeks only after that discard it and make fresh one.

Dogs don’t mind the taste of this paste but some don’t like it so they will plainly refuse to take it you need to add it in their food so they don’t can start with ½ teaspoon of the paste and if your dog accepts it gradually increase the dose. A teaspoon is enough for a large sized dog.

Turmeric is a must have for your dog as it will have many benefits for his health, it will keep him active and his body will be free of harmful toxins.try making it today and tell us how it turned out and if your dog like it or not.there are many tutorials available on the YouTube where you can watch how to make the golden paste and how to feed it to your dog.


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All About Exotic Shorthair Cats


They are nicknamed as lazy man’s Persian due to their resemblance with the Persian cats but they have a short they have short hairs they are easy to care for, exotics are the lively cats but just like Persians they like to cuddle and sit in the laps.they are highly adaptable to any environment so we give them five out five for adaptability.

Some prominent characteristics of short hair cats

  • They are the cats which come into being after mutation between the Persian and American shorthair.
  • This is a sweet and charming cat with short hair and gentle face resemblance with the Persian cats.
  • The exotic is a loving cat but a more lively personality than a Persian cat.
  • They come in black and white colors have round eyes and round bodies.
  • They have a long lifespan of 15 years and more.
  • They do not require daily grooming and they shed not very can call it a non-shedding breed of cats.
  • The fur on the cat is thick but it is a much bigger cat in size than the regular cats.
  • They are a heavy cat with almost 15 pounds weight.
  • They have flattened muzzle and round head.
  • They are sensitive to heat due to short nose.
  • This breed always looks for the places to cool themselves.
  • Due to high temperature it is difficult to breath but when they stay indoor in air conditioning than they will have no problem in breathing.
  • This breed needs simple pleasures of life like they even enjoy a look with a smile towards them and welcome any affectionate touch.
  • Throw a paper ball towards them and they will be so much happy and start playing with you.
  • They are not the jumper type they will not jump on the furniture and will prefer to stay on the ground.
  • Due to its extreme innocence and loyalty they are a true companion.
  • They were introduced in the market after their birth in 1950’s.

They also suffer from potential health problems; mostly they suffer from hypo allergic reactions. They are unique as they come in silver color too, but also come in solid black, red, cream and chocolate colors.

There are many rescue organization working to provide the exotic cat for adoption, they will not always give you a kitten but they will have adult and trained will able to find them in 400 dollars, mostly people left their ill cats when they become sick and abandon them at rescue shelters, keep in mind they will provide same love and affection which a normal healthy cat will provide you.

Short hair is also available as mix breed but if you want a cat who has many genetic problems than go for these cats.shorthair are the wonderful cats a lovely kitten will fill your heart with love, do give them proper care and take them to the vet for regular check up.they act a bit needy when they want to attract attention otherwise it is a very calm cat.

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History And Personality Of Turkish Angora Cat


The Turkish angora cat is a breed of domestic cat and its origin is from Turkey.they are the popular breeds of turkeys city Ankara, it is one of the old natural breeds from central turkey.this is a beautiful cat with clear white and long fur.this breed has many names but the most famous ones are Angora cat and Ankara cat.

History of Angora cats

These cats are the descendants of the wild African cats, these cats were first domesticated at the Fertile Crescent, than they were start breeding and through the process of natural selection.these longhaired breeds are called Turkish van and Turkish angora.

History told us that the long haired Turkish Angora cats were imported to France and Britain in late 16th century but there are some indications of it being seen in early 14th century.persian cat and angora cat are somehow same breed due to the extreme resemblance but they sure are a two different late 17th century Turkish Angora was considered an extinct breed.

Angora and Persian are connected, it is said that Persian cat is developed by the mutation of angora cats and American cat fanciers.though they are the separate breeds they are very much identical to each other.

In 20th century angora cats were used to improve the Persian cats and flat faced Persian cats are the result of this early 20th century Ankara zoo faced many problems in the breeding of angora cats and they were on the verge of extinct.angora cats were bought in Canada in 1963 and were used to pedigreed.

Turkish breeders now feel that the angora cats today lack the sturdier structure they have in the past.

Personality of Turkish Angora cats

Turkish angora cats are playful, intelligent and athletic in nature.their bond with humans is very strong and they are the lifelong companions of the humans.they are very helpful in solving many problems for humans, they have a strong desire to interact with the humans and even some deaf Angora cats show intelligent behavior.

They love to spend time on high grounds in home and outside, they are energetic cats and observe the human activity very closely.they do so well with humans, children and other pets this makes their personality very desirable.

They are famous for their eyes one eye is blue and other one is golden but the blue eye mostly indicates deafness of that side.if a cat has two blue eyes they will likely be deaf.this is not a big problem as they live normal life if you keep them at home.

Turkish angora cats can suffer from heredity ataxia, this is a rare condition and cat can have shaky movements and will not survive to the adulthood.they can also suffer from a genetic disease similar to cardiac diseases which can effects them during 2 to 6 years of age.the Turkish angora was cross breed with many other breeds but the original breed is now just available at Ankara zoo.

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Signs Your Cat Might Have Urinary Tract Infections And Problems

A cat can suffer from many infections one of which is lower urinary tract is a serious problem where infection prevents the bladder from emptying correctly or even there is some blockage of the urethra *a tube connecting the bladder to the outside of the body*, often the reason is feline lower urinary tract disease which is not one problem rather it is a combination of many clinical problems.

Symptoms of the urinary tract infection

There are few symptoms which show a cat is suffering from UTI:

  1. Frequent and painful urine.
  2. Licking of the urine parts.
  3. Bloody urine.

What could be the cause of urinary tract infection in cat?

  • There could be some stones or accumulation of crystals that block the opening of urethra.
  • Spinal cord problems also result into UTI.
  • Incontinence from drinking excessive water.
  • Weak bladder.
  • Infection in bladder.
  • Inflammation of bladder.
  • Stress or some other abnormality.
  • It could be due to some injury to the urinary tract.
  • It can be due to urethra plug which is accumulation of debris in urethra.

UTI due to health conditions

Some health conditions can also result into urinary tract infection like diabetes and hyperthyroidism.these diseases are also called endocrine diseases which directly affect the urinary tract.

Which cat is more prone to the infections?

Male cats are more prone to these as they have the narrower urethras than female cats and younger cats are also saved from these disease only cats of age four or above will experience the infections in urinary tract.

How to identify if your cat has UTI

  • If you see a bloody discharge with the urine or the cloudy urine you know that it is a infection.
  • When they start dribbling urine everywhere means that they have lost control on the bladder.
  • They will start avoiding litter box and soiling other inappropriate places.
  • They try to strain and cry in painful voice when they try to pass the urine.
  • You will notice strong odor of ammonia in urine.
  • They will feel lethargic and do frequent vomiting.
  • They will constantly lick the urinary opening.
  • They will demand more water.
  • Stomach of a cat feels hard.

What to do if cat has UTI

Call out for emergency and immediately take him to the vet for complete medical examination and don’t late it especially if your cat is straining and crying in pain during it urinates.a vet will conduct a physical examination, a urine and blood culture and ultrasound to know the cause of infection.

How you treat the problem at home

You can make some dietary changes and give him antibiotics prescribed by the vet.increase their water intake, fluid therapy can also be done and if they have stones and crystals than surgery must be performed without delay.urinary acidifiers are also helpful in dealing with the urinary tract infections effectively.

When there is blockage in urethra and the cat cannot pass the urine it will lead to the kidney failure if not treated on urgent basis.take care of the cats and get them properly checked by a vet once a month to ensure their health.


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Symptoms And Causes Of Ringworm In Cats


When we heard name ringworm a lean and long worm comes in our minds which may be in round shape but that is not the case with ringworm it is not an actual worm but a fungal infection which affects the skin, hair and nails.this is a condition of skin where red patches appears in circles and this area suffers from hair loss.this is a highly contagious disease where it spreads to other pets and even humans too.

Symptoms and causes of ring worm in cats

  1. You can clearly see the skin lesions that appear on the head, forelimbs and ears.
  2. Ringworm is the reason you see flaky bald patches on the skin which has a red look mostly in the center of the patch.
  3. Mild cases only show dry patches or dandruff which has redness.
  4. While the severe cases of infection appears on the whole body of the cat
  5. It is a possibility that a cat carry ringworm but doesn’t show Any symptoms.

Reason behind getting ringworms

There are many reasons behind a cat getting ringworms it can be due to the direct contact to some infected animal or indirectly contacted with bedding, some dishes and other materials can also be contaminated with the infection and by touching those cats get ringworm.ringworm is a bacteria which can survive in any environment for more than a year.

How to diagnose ringworm

Some cats show few or no symptoms of ringworm it is difficult to look at the skin and diagnose a ringworm, a veterinarian will use expert tools and ultraviolet light to check if the cat has ringworm.he may take a hair or skin cell from an infected cat for examination of a fungal culture.still if they can’t find the infection they refer skin biopsy and microscopic exam to know about the disease.

Which cats can get ringworm?

Ringworm can occur to any cat but kittens which are less than a year and old cats are more prone to this infection. Cats that have long hair and those who are not neutered are also more vulnerable to this disease.warm and humid conditions promote spreading of the infection so the shelters and other crowded places where there are numerous cats and dogs living together suffer from ringworm infection.

What precautions must be taken to keep my cat safe?

  1. For accurately diagnosing your cat you need to visit a vet.
  2. Keep your cat in isolation until it is confirmed that the cat has ringworm infection.
  3. It can easily spread so keep your other pets away from the infected cat.
  4. You also need to thoroughly wash your hands and yourself after you touch that cat.

There are some medications available online and in market which are proved to be very effective for treating ringworm infections in just have to apply the cream after cleaning the area make sure you are wearing gloves.use light pressure while applying the cream, this will be an instant relief for her.


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Famous Sphynx Cat Breeders


Sphynx is the cat with no hair, it is a unique type of cat but in my opinion a little scary if you want to have a cute cat than this one is not for has absolutely no coat and it is developed through selective breeding.he loves attention and loves when people notices it.they are the most fun loving creatures and a loyal pet. is the site which is the specific sphynx cat breeders and they also provide you with the list of breeders in other areas of the world.there are many places in U.S where you can contact them and purchase the sphynx cat of your choice.

Sphynx cat breeders in United States

Here is the list of sphynx cat breeders in different states of U.S.A:

  1. Kentucky- AALI
  2. New york – RAMZES
  3. Nevada- BAREMEWS

In other countries:

  • Taiwan- FEIFEILOFT
  • Canada – SPHYNXCRAFT is another site where you can purchase a sphynx cat which has unique color and feature.

These cats are the kid friendly cats , they love the attention and love to play with the kids.they like other pets and seek their attention, if you take them to the park or any public place you will see them enjoying the view and socialize with other pets.

They are easy to groom in the sense as they have no coat so no brushing and shedding problem and you can just give them a bath and pat them dry with the towel.they are good for living in warm weather because of no hair it is difficult for them to survive in cold climates.

They are considered very intelligent and live up to 8 to 10 years.this breed was come into existence by accident, this cat was first born in Canada as a result of genetic mutation, than they were intentionally produced as pets.

This is a medium sized cat which weighs 6 to 12 pounds.they are called beauty with brain due to their not expect them to live outside they love to cuddle with you in your they are genetically produced breeds they are prone to many diseases, most of them are skin allergies and heart diseases.

These bald and wrinkled cats are considered ugly but they are a loving cat and you can easily purchase them now through the above website links given in this article.


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