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All About Exotic Shorthair Cats


They are nicknamed as lazy man’s Persian due to their resemblance with the Persian cats but they have a short coat.as they have short hairs they are easy to care for, exotics are the lively cats but just like Persians they like to cuddle and sit in the laps.they are highly adaptable to any environment so we give them five out five for adaptability.

Some prominent characteristics of short hair cats

  • They are the cats which come into being after mutation between the Persian and American shorthair.
  • This is a sweet and charming cat with short hair and gentle face resemblance with the Persian cats.
  • The exotic is a loving cat but a more lively personality than a Persian cat.
  • They come in black and white colors have round eyes and round bodies.
  • They have a long lifespan of 15 years and more.
  • They do not require daily grooming and they shed not very often.you can call it a non-shedding breed of cats.
  • The fur on the cat is thick but it is a much bigger cat in size than the regular cats.
  • They are a heavy cat with almost 15 pounds weight.
  • They have flattened muzzle and round head.
  • They are sensitive to heat due to short nose.
  • This breed always looks for the places to cool themselves.
  • Due to high temperature it is difficult to breath but when they stay indoor in air conditioning than they will have no problem in breathing.
  • This breed needs simple pleasures of life like they even enjoy a look with a smile towards them and welcome any affectionate touch.
  • Throw a paper ball towards them and they will be so much happy and start playing with you.
  • They are not the jumper type they will not jump on the furniture and will prefer to stay on the ground.
  • Due to its extreme innocence and loyalty they are a true companion.
  • They were introduced in the market after their birth in 1950’s.

They also suffer from potential health problems; mostly they suffer from hypo allergic reactions. They are unique as they come in silver color too, but also come in solid black, red, cream and chocolate colors.

There are many rescue organization working to provide the exotic cat for adoption, they will not always give you a kitten but they will have adult and trained cats.you will able to find them in 400 dollars, mostly people left their ill cats when they become sick and abandon them at rescue shelters, keep in mind they will provide same love and affection which a normal healthy cat will provide you.

Short hair is also available as mix breed but if you want a cat who has many genetic problems than go for these cats.shorthair are the wonderful cats a lovely kitten will fill your heart with love, do give them proper care and take them to the vet for regular check up.they act a bit needy when they want to attract attention otherwise it is a very calm cat.








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