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Can Dogs Eat Ginger Candy?

Nothing is as soothing as a ginger when your stomach feels a little off, ginger is a root and belongs to same family as turmeric.it has been in use as a spice since many centuries.it is a culture to add it in foods in Asian countries, India and Arabic countries.

It is a good ailment if your digestive system is upset and you feel nausea and morning sickness.it is used to treat the serious diseases like osteoporosis and cancer.this herb is very beneficial for the dogs as well and many researchers are recommending adding it in your dog food for his general health maintenance.

Ginger has this bitter and pungent taste so it is better if you give it in a the form of a candy to your dog so he may take it happily.though ginger comes in variety of forms like powder, pills, tinctures and teas best ways is the ginger candy.it is easy and fun way to have ginger.

If you choose any other form you have to set the dosage according to your dog’s weight and the dose for capsules, teas and tinctures is also different for different weights.


  1. Ginger like turmeric is used to thin the blood so avoid it if your dog is undergoing a surgery.
  2. Avoid giving your dog ginger candy no matter how much she like when she is undergoing labor.
  3. Ginger candy will lower your dog’s blood pressure and blood sugar so avoid giving it to him frequently.
  4. Consult your vet before giving him ginger candy if your dog has diabetes, pregnant and any kind of heart condition.
  5. You need not to worry once your vet approves the required dose of ginger as your dog will get right amount of it.

Some benefits of giving ginger candy to the dogs

  1. Nausea can be due to many reasons like climate change, some treatment or car sickness.whatever may be the reason some ginger candy will help him relieving the symptoms.give him a ginger candy 30 minutes before going out in the car.
  2. Ginger candy is for problem of bloating, bloating may be due to unexcelled food and gas and is a painful condition for your dog.stomach of the dog will expand which will make it hard for him to move.
  3. Ginger candy is very good for treating problem of arthritis in dogs as it is a condition of inflammation in joints and ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties it helps a lot for relieving the pain.
  4. Heartworm is a disease you don’t want your dog to suffer from as it very risky for him and difficult to treat.infected dog can be treated through the regular use of ginger but keep it in mind that the procedure to the recovery will be long and difficult for both you and your dog.

It is a study that ginger kills cancerous cells in dogs so for boosting immunity and strength of your dog give him ginger regularly to keep him away from cancer.








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