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Catahoula Leopard Dog For Sale

Catahoula leopard dog is a fierce looking dog with big rounded eyes full of aggression and motivation. Let us see their main characteristics.

  1. They have a huge energy level and their activity level is also high.
  2. They need moderate type of grooming not a furry coat so once a while grooming session is necessary.
  3. They need high to moderate type of training.
  4. They are often friendly with kids and other pets but generally they are aloof and don’t care for children and other cats and dogs.
  5. It is a medium sized dog.
  6. They live for 10 to 15 years.
  7. Their prey drive is moderate.
  8. They become excellent watch dogs as they are active and alert.
  9. Catahoula leopard is considered an excellent guard dog due to their alertness.
  10. Their country of origin is United States.

As it comes from America so like many other American dogs their lineage is uncertain and mixed.the state of Louisiana has claimed Catahoula leopard to be their official dog breed.they say it has been the part of Native American here since many centuries to become hunters, herders and superb trackers.

This is a beauty which has several names like leopard dog, Catahoula hound, and Catahoula hog dog.they are called leopard due to the significant spotted coat they have, they have huge marbled glass eyes and strange patterns on coat which makes them best choice for watch dog imagine you sneak into someone’s yard and be face to face with this beast you will surely skip a beat or two.

In America Catahoula are considered a rare breed.there is this site https://www.greenfieldpuppies.com/catahoula-leopard-dog-puppies-for-sale/ you can check it out they have this huge variety of Catahoula leopard dogs and in amazing sale prices.

They are ready and waiting for you there so you can adopt them they range from 300 dollars to 700 dollars.

Another site https://www.puppyfind.com/for_sale/?breed_id=208 puppy find.com is the place where Catahoula leopards are being sold in amazing prices.

You need to enter the gender, age, size and your state and they will find the best puppy for you on sale prices mostly starts from 300 dollars and ending at 100 dollars depends on the breed.

There is this AKC breed club located in every state in U.S.A whose main purpose is to rescue the dogs and then settle them in a new home.you should definitely contact them if you want to adopt a Catahoula leopard dog.

This is a affectionate and loyal dog and prefer to stay with the family if trained properly they behave very gently towards everyone.they are used for many purposes such as a stock dog, tree dog, watch dog and a guard dog.their specialty is they don’t like to be mistreated and will attack under self-defense.

They do best with good quality food whether you buy from market or prepared at home.they become obese easily so watch their diet. Give them clean and fresh water and get them check from a vet if they show some unusual behavior as it can be due to a health issue.









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