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Characteristics Of King Charles Spaniel Puppy

If you are looking for dog for companionship than king Charles spaniel is not for you, this breed has a sporty nature where they want to flush the bird in the air and retrieve it.they like the affection of their owners but they are not the dogs for belly rubbing and sitting in lap.they are the largest toy breed and has an athletic nature, they enjoy running, hiking and playing sports most common sports they like are flyball and rally.they are the powerful dogs so great to use for hunting.if they have the nature where they prefer to rest more than they are huge success as a family and therapy dogs.

Here are some notable characteristics for you:

  1. They have a dependent nature where they don’t like to live alone for a long time, if you have a job which requires you to stay at work for long hours than avoid adopting this breed as they easily get sad when they don’t see their owners for long time.
  2. They will surely bark if they see some stranger in the house but they have a loving nature where you can easily calm them so they are not good guard dogs.
  3. They love to chase other cats and birds so you must keep him on a leash when you take them outside otherwise they will get excited after seeing so many birds.
  4. They shed a lot especially during fall and spring to lighten their coat so you need to brush and comb them regularly.
  5. They are purely a house dog so must not be kept outside in any case.
  6. If you want to adopt a healthy dog always buy from professional breeders who know each and every thing about the parent dogs as well, avoid buying from pet stores and mills because their only mission is to sell as many dogs as they can.
  7. They are small and sturdy dogs with 12 to 13 inches tall from the shoulder.
  8. They weigh exactly 18 to 19 pounds not more than that does not buy a toy spaniel because there is no such thing.
  9. They are eager to meet anyone they come across; they are over friendly dogs with fun loving nature.
  10. They can suffer from various health conditions due to genes or later due to unhealthy habits.
  11. You are recommended to feed them half a cup to 1 cup of good quality dog food; feeding him twice a day is necessary.
  12. They have hanging ears which creates problem while they eat so cover them up with a head band so that fur remains clean.
  13. They have medium length coat which is silky in touching.their coat needs to be combed gently twice a week.
  14. Trimming their nails and hair is very important do that once a month.
  15. For preventing gum diseases brush their teeth twice or thrice a week.

They are the breeds who love to play with children but you have to teach your young children to handle them with care and affection.









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