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English Bull Terrier Puppies And All The Information You Need


English bull terrier is a strong muscular dog and puppies are also very unique and powerful they have a round and short back with the strong and long head which is oval in shape.they have black nose, eyes are small almond shaped and dark in color.

They have small ears which are thin and are close together on the head.they have a powerful built very long muscular neck with tough shoulders.their tail is short and hang low, the coat is coarse, short and harsh when touched.there are two colored bull terriers white bull terrier and colored bull terrier.

  • White bull terrier puppies have colored markings on the head but clear body.
  • Colored bull terrier has the black brindles, red, fawn and tricolor markings on the whole body.

Some prominent characteristics of English bull terrier

  1. They are so loyal that if they see their owners in danger or any critical situation they will defend him, they are good watch dogs but generally they are not bred to be a guard dog.
  2. They are the most active breed of dogs, with fun loving and courageous nature. They like to impress their owners by their scrappy and clownish ways. They are polite and very obedient.
  3. They become attached to their owners if you adopt them at young age and wants affection and consistency from the family.
  4. They make a fine family pet but require leadership.
  5. They need supervision and companionship so if you work for longer hours than don’t even think to adopt this as a pet.
  6. They become easily sad when left alone for more than 8 hours a day so if you want to enjoy their company don’t leave them alone.
  7. They love children but sometimes are too energetic for the children to handle, that’s why they are not recommended for household having small children.
  8. Owners will find them protective and overly possessive about themselves, they can be jealous if you pat other dog or cat.
  9. They are strong and firm so need a lot of exercising.they must be given a lot of structure so they stay sane and don’t become destructive.
  10. They need to be trained to become socialize with the people and they need to made leader of the pack otherwise they have the tendency to be extremely aggressive.
  11. The male bull terrier doesn’t get along well with other male dogs.
  12. They like to hunt it is in their nature so if you have a non-canine pet like rabbits or guinea pigs do not adopt them.
  13. They are difficult to train but it is not impossible puppies generally learn more because of their age, adult dogs are difficult to train.
  14. If we talk about adult bull terrier than he weighs between 45 to 80 pounds with 20 to 24 inches height.
  15. Toy or miniature bull terriers weigh 24 to 33 pounds with 10 to 14 inches height.









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