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Healing Golden Paste for Dogs

So it is an interesting name you have heard? Yes you have heard it right it is a glorious golden paste which works wonders for dogs.

Now you were wondering why it is called golden paste? It is called golden due to the color which is the result of turmeric in the mixture.you have heard about all the amazing benefits of the turmeric before it has a huge healing capacity and a good natural treatment for healing many ailments in humans and animals.

Here we are going to discuss some benefits of turmeric:

  1. It is an excellent and natural cure against inflammation which make it effective anti-inflammation agent.
  2. It is good for dogs as it prevents many toxins to enter the liver.
  3. It helps preventing and in treating many types of cancers.
  4. It is a powerful anti-oxidant

There are many scientific researches still conducted on it.

How to make golden paste for your dog

Golden paste is basically the recipe of Australian vet Dr. Doug English’s recipe that is why it is given the famous name golden paste.

Here is the recipe:


  1. First you need half cup of organic turmeric as organic contains cur cumin which has lots of benefits.
  2. One and a half cup of clean water.
  3. Half or one teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper you can use them after grinding them.
  4. ¼ cup of pure organic coconut oil.


  1. Take a pan and add water and turmeric in it and mix them well.
  2. You need to add one cup of water initially after that add more water if you think that mixture needs it.
  3. Your paste must not be watery if you think it is runny add more turmeric and heat the mixture for some time.
  4. Once a paste is formed add black pepper and the coconut oil and mix the mixture gently.
  5. Turn off the stove and allow it to cool, once it cools off put the mixture in the Mason jar and closed the lid. Put this jar in the fridge.
  6. This mixture is to store for 2 weeks only after that discard it and make fresh one.

Dogs don’t mind the taste of this paste but some don’t like it so they will plainly refuse to take it you need to add it in their food so they don’t know.you can start with ½ teaspoon of the paste and if your dog accepts it gradually increase the dose. A teaspoon is enough for a large sized dog.

Turmeric is a must have for your dog as it will have many benefits for his health, it will keep him active and his body will be free of harmful toxins.try making it today and tell us how it turned out and if your dog like it or not.there are many tutorials available on the YouTube where you can watch how to make the golden paste and how to feed it to your dog.









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