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History And Personality Of Turkish Angora Cat


The Turkish angora cat is a breed of domestic cat and its origin is from Turkey.they are the popular breeds of turkeys city Ankara, it is one of the old natural breeds from central turkey.this is a beautiful cat with clear white and long fur.this breed has many names but the most famous ones are Angora cat and Ankara cat.

History of Angora cats

These cats are the descendants of the wild African cats, these cats were first domesticated at the Fertile Crescent, than they were start breeding and through the process of natural selection.these longhaired breeds are called Turkish van and Turkish angora.

History told us that the long haired Turkish Angora cats were imported to France and Britain in late 16th century but there are some indications of it being seen in early 14th century.persian cat and angora cat are somehow same breed due to the extreme resemblance but they sure are a two different breeds.in late 17th century Turkish Angora was considered an extinct breed.

Angora and Persian are connected, it is said that Persian cat is developed by the mutation of angora cats and American cat fanciers.though they are the separate breeds they are very much identical to each other.

In 20th century angora cats were used to improve the Persian cats and flat faced Persian cats are the result of this mutation.in early 20th century Ankara zoo faced many problems in the breeding of angora cats and they were on the verge of extinct.angora cats were bought in Canada in 1963 and were used to pedigreed.

Turkish breeders now feel that the angora cats today lack the sturdier structure they have in the past.

Personality of Turkish Angora cats

Turkish angora cats are playful, intelligent and athletic in nature.their bond with humans is very strong and they are the lifelong companions of the humans.they are very helpful in solving many problems for humans, they have a strong desire to interact with the humans and even some deaf Angora cats show intelligent behavior.

They love to spend time on high grounds in home and outside, they are energetic cats and observe the human activity very closely.they do so well with humans, children and other pets this makes their personality very desirable.

They are famous for their eyes one eye is blue and other one is golden but the blue eye mostly indicates deafness of that side.if a cat has two blue eyes they will likely be deaf.this is not a big problem as they live normal life if you keep them at home.

Turkish angora cats can suffer from heredity ataxia, this is a rare condition and cat can have shaky movements and will not survive to the adulthood.they can also suffer from a genetic disease similar to cardiac diseases which can effects them during 2 to 6 years of age.the Turkish angora was cross breed with many other breeds but the original breed is now just available at Ankara zoo.








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