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How Long Do German Shepherds Live

German shepherd is not an old dog it is a new type of breed which has become very popular recently as a working dog.their main purpose was to herd the cattle, this is why they are very popular.this breed is the most registered breed in UK and it is the second most popular breed in the American kennel club.

Medium to large sized these dogs are considered a powerful and strong breed.they mostly have healthy bodies.most valuable trait in these canines is their intelligent, they are extremely smart and a graceful dog.they are the perfect search and rescue dogs that’s why they are working in the police department as a rescue and guard dogs.when trained they follow the instructions flawlessly.

Lifespan of a German shepherd

  1. There are a lot of important questions people often ask about these canines and the most common of which is how long they live.
  2. Answer to this question is pretty easy, if you have a purebred dog than it has a short lifespan.
  3. Minimum lifespan for a purebred dog is 10 years and maximum is more or less than 13 years.
  4. They need proper care and grooming and with that they will live up to 14 years.
  5. Dogs have longer lives than the cats – average cat live for 4 to 5 years but dogs live for more.
  6. Keep one thing in mind one dog year is about 14 years of human life so a 10 year old German shepherd if compared to a person will live 66 human years.
  7. Mostly lifespan depends on the health of the dog if your dog has good health then he will live for more years than an average dog.

There are some ways you can follow to increase your German shepherd’s lifespan:

  • Ensure they are getting enough nutrients and care by you.
  • You need to keep them under the desired weight range if they are obese they will suffer from many health issues. A healthy dog should have 1700 to 2200 calories daily do not exceed from this limit.
  • They are the most active dogs so they need more time for exercising. Do not skip the exercise it is healthy for their long life.
  • Always choose high quality food for your dog, this will have a positive effect on their health.similar to human if given bad food they will suffer from disease which ultimately leads to short lifespan.
  • Take him to the vet regularly do not skip the regular checkups.this could tell you any early sign of illness in them and will be helpful in stopping the spread of the disease.
  • They are the awesome dogs that need their owners love and affection, when you give them care and your love they will be happier and be a good dog for you.

They are the heavy weight dogs so generally they live longer than other dogs but this doesn’t mean you  do not provide them with enough care and grooming.try to know if they behave in some strange manner and rush to provide comfort.








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