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How To Care For A Three Month Old Puppy

A three month puppy is a cute ball of fur full of energy, he is just like a baby, a bundle of joy and happiness for the owners.keep one thing in your mind while you go for the training of a young puppy that he is little and you need to be gentle while teaching him tricks and giving him obedience training.

Try to have a positive intentions and train them with good reinforcements, avoid punishing them entirely and use easy and simple techniques so they can learn fast.but it doesn’t mean you delay the training start training them when they reach three months age, by this age they are ready to take commands and understand the hand gestures.remember the training foundations you are going to set will be carried by them throughout their life.


Little puppies like to nip a lot it is an issue for the new owners and is quite painful at times, but don’t get irritated by this, this is natural with every puppy and they do this during the teething process but good thing is with the little training your puppy will focus on less nipping and if you give him toys he will chew on them.

Some tips to nip the nipping:

  1. Immediately stop playing with him this will give them a warning sign that this behavior is not acceptable.
  2. Give them chewable toys and made from rubber and bones to nip at, when you give them variety of options they will not nip at your hands.
  3. Teething stage is difficult for them as well so buy a proper toy for them.


At this stage he will wiggle and explore new things, he starts developing curiosity for things.they will start developing a better control over their bladders and will wait patiently for you to take them out for peeing.

At this stage their brain is starting to accept the commands you will give them.they will show interest in learning new tricks.they want to mingle with other pets and start recognizing people who frequently come to your house.


At this stage a must visit to vet is necessary where they will get vaccinated or neutered if they are not already gone through the procedure.this is the second round of vaccine and is very much important to keep them safe from various diseases.

Obedience training and growth spurt

Don’t be surprised if you see your dog growing fast because this is stage where growth spurt start, they will be a full sized dog by the time they reach 6 months.

This is excellent time period where they need obedience training train them to be friendly with other pets and stop barking at everyone within the sight.keep his diet and sleeping pattern healthy so they properly grow up.

When you adopt a puppy you have to take extra time from your schedule to give them proper care and love they need, because afterall they will be your companion for a life time.









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