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Short Haired German shepherd Puppies


German shepherd dog comes in two coats long hair and short hair but it is not a different type they are same different is just the length of the coat.people ask too many questions regarding this difference of coat so this article is all about the answers people ask about short haired German shepherd puppies.

Coat length

Coat length is the most variable feature of the German shepherd just like coat pattern and coat color.as this article is all about short haired German shepherd we will just discus them here in detail.

Please note that this is a general information based guide not a professional dvice.only a qualified vet or expert can tell you regarding your pet.

Short haired German shepherd

A short haired German shepherd is a German shepherd which has a short coat, there are medium and long coat German shepherds also available for adoption.usually short haired German shepherd has 1 inch long coat.let us first explain to you the types of German shepherd coats:

There are four types of coat in German shepherd dogs.

  1. Short length coat – these puppies have only an inch long coat.
  2. Medium length coat – this coat is considered the most common coat and undercoat is just a plush in them.their coat is 2 inches long.
  3. Long length coat with undercoat – they have thick hairs and 2 to 3 inch long coat.undercoat is present for weather protection
  4. Long length coat without undercoat – they do not have a undercoat but they have thick hair and 3 inches long coat.

When we talked to an expert about the coats and which breed is best in germna shepherd they say medium coat and undercoat to long haired without undercoat are the best breeds and are affordable dogs.

Short haired German shepherd are not good if you want them to take part in some shows they are not ever disqualified from them but are not favorable for them.only medium length coat German shepherd are preferable who has dense outer coat and plush.

The American AKC states that ideal German shepherd dog must have double coat in medium length.

But other nation prefer a long coated German shepherd puppy with undercoat.we cannot say that people doesn’t love short haired German shepherd puppies but long haired are more useful dogs in many terms.German shepherd is a handsome dog and short hair looks good on them many people like to have a short haired puppy when they want to have it as a pet.

Although long haired look healthy short haired German shepherd has more hair than long hair one.long haired German shepherds are still considered the purebreds but there is no such history about them.short haired German shepherd are good for cold weathers as their undercoats provide them best insulation to bear the cold weather.short haired dogs are a good working dogs they can easily serve in military and police services.

I am sure you will also look for a short haired German shepherd if you want a good watch dog for your home.









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