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Signs Your Cat Might Have Urinary Tract Infections And Problems

A cat can suffer from many infections one of which is lower urinary tract infection.it is a serious problem where infection prevents the bladder from emptying correctly or even there is some blockage of the urethra *a tube connecting the bladder to the outside of the body*, often the reason is feline lower urinary tract disease which is not one problem rather it is a combination of many clinical problems.

Symptoms of the urinary tract infection

There are few symptoms which show a cat is suffering from UTI:

  1. Frequent and painful urine.
  2. Licking of the urine parts.
  3. Bloody urine.

What could be the cause of urinary tract infection in cat?

  • There could be some stones or accumulation of crystals that block the opening of urethra.
  • Spinal cord problems also result into UTI.
  • Incontinence from drinking excessive water.
  • Weak bladder.
  • Infection in bladder.
  • Inflammation of bladder.
  • Stress or some other abnormality.
  • It could be due to some injury to the urinary tract.
  • It can be due to urethra plug which is accumulation of debris in urethra.

UTI due to health conditions

Some health conditions can also result into urinary tract infection like diabetes and hyperthyroidism.these diseases are also called endocrine diseases which directly affect the urinary tract.

Which cat is more prone to the infections?

Male cats are more prone to these as they have the narrower urethras than female cats and younger cats are also saved from these disease only cats of age four or above will experience the infections in urinary tract.

How to identify if your cat has UTI

  • If you see a bloody discharge with the urine or the cloudy urine you know that it is a infection.
  • When they start dribbling urine everywhere means that they have lost control on the bladder.
  • They will start avoiding litter box and soiling other inappropriate places.
  • They try to strain and cry in painful voice when they try to pass the urine.
  • You will notice strong odor of ammonia in urine.
  • They will feel lethargic and do frequent vomiting.
  • They will constantly lick the urinary opening.
  • They will demand more water.
  • Stomach of a cat feels hard.

What to do if cat has UTI

Call out for emergency and immediately take him to the vet for complete medical examination and don’t late it especially if your cat is straining and crying in pain during it urinates.a vet will conduct a physical examination, a urine and blood culture and ultrasound to know the cause of infection.

How you treat the problem at home

You can make some dietary changes and give him antibiotics prescribed by the vet.increase their water intake, fluid therapy can also be done and if they have stones and crystals than surgery must be performed without delay.urinary acidifiers are also helpful in dealing with the urinary tract infections effectively.

When there is blockage in urethra and the cat cannot pass the urine it will lead to the kidney failure if not treated on urgent basis.take care of the cats and get them properly checked by a vet once a month to ensure their health.









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