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Some Basic Tips On How To Train A German Shepherd Dog


German shepherds are a natural guard dogs but they do need proper training to be obedient of their owners.this article will tell you all the basic tips on how you can train your German shepherd dog.

German shepherds has this natural instinct like many other dogs that they bark and alert their owners when they see some stranger lurking on the property.they have a build in alarm in them which makes hem cautious of the presence of someone they don’t know, they have an aggressive nature so they are good guard dogs.keep one important thing in mind that specifically training German shepherd is not a good thing but it will be a liability for you in future.do not in any case abuse the dog to make it more aggressive this will not make them loyal and will attempt to bite you when they get chance.never behave harshly towards them, it is better to start with a puppy because training an adult dog to be a guard dog is difficult.select only that dog who is a stable and clearheaded one otherwise it will be difficult to him to understand the situation.A social and friendly dog becomes good guard dog.

Here are some tips for you to help you train your dog effectively:

Tip one # a guard dog must be fearless so it is better you start with a puppy dog.he needs to be social and friendly towards everyone.for this purpose take them with you wherever you go, take them to hike, walk and run in the neighborhood so they could identify the people around them.this will make them fearless in new environments so they will deal with un known situations better.

Tip two # train them about basic obedience and enroll them in obedience classes there they will learn proper ways on how to behave.you need control over them so these classes are very important.positive reinforcement works wonders with dogs, reward them when they do good and punish them gently when needed.

Tip three # most important thing is to teach your dog when to cease barking, if they don’t obey you they will bark on everyone and on anything, this is the basic obedience rule you have to teach them.on your command they must stop barking immediately.when they become quite give them treats this will make them learn fast.

Tip four # they need to learn when to bark like when any stranger is nearby it is okay if they bark and alert you.give them rewards and praise them if they do so, you should react positively when they bark on strangers, your behavior will encourage them to bark on just the strangers.

Tip five # you can ask someone with whom the dog is not familiar to pretend sneaking into your house, your dog will start barking than intruder should look at him and flee from the scene and you praise your dog, do this practice for some time to teach them.

Training a German shepherd is not difficult as they are the intelligent dogs you need patience and time to teach them things and with time you need proper leash, collar and lots of treats.











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