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Some Golden Rules To Train A German Shepherd Dog

A well trained dog is a blessing we all will agree to, if you have a untrained puppy you know how much annoying it is to go through the process of training, you feel frustrated most of the time when they failed to follow your commands.training any dog is necessary as nobody can live with an untrained dog, so if you have bought a new puppy or you need to make your dog learn some new tricks you have come at a right place.

Here you will know about some golden rules which will help you with your German shepherds training:

  1. Build in breed foundation – your dog has this specific build in breed foundation and in case of German shepherds they are the working dogs since their origin.they were used to guard and herding the cattle, they are very intelligent so their services are used to search and rescue by the police department.this your dog will still have it in their genes no matter they work or not, they have this natural instinct to rescue and guard the house.though he may be a polite dog he still crave for the working environment.
  2. Emotions of the dogs – your dog are your reflection, they are not human but they have the emotions. Be gentle with them as you train them, do not show anger and annoyance towards them if they fail to follow your commands.be polite and use treats and praises when they show obedience this will motivate them to please you more.
  3. Basic need of the dog – basic need of any dog during training is your guidance.you need to show him how to do it, they consider you their leader, so be a good one.they know you are not a dog but they are comfortable with you and trust you so guide them properly and in language they easily understand and its more better if you show them by presentation.
  4. They does not communicate – they are not human so use simple words like sit, stand, stay, eat, stop and etc. single direct command is enough for them to understand what you want, and body language must also be clear.
  5. Be consistent – dogs doesn’t have a compromising nature so use easy methods to train them like use of single word instead of come here use “come”, instead of stay still use “stay”.be consistent with the training do not confuse them.
  6. Full attention – training a German shepherd requires full attention, better to begin with the yard where they are familiar with the sounds and smells. If you move to some other place like parks there will be a lot more distractions for them that hinder the process of learning.
  7. Positive reinforcement – the dog will respond to the positive reinforcements gladly, physical punishments are a big NO, give them rewards when they obey and remove rewards when they disobey it is that simple.it will build a strong bond among the dog and the owner.

Hope above rules helps you in training your German shepherd dog









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