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Some Information About Dog Breeds Shiba Inu

The shiba inu is a bred which was used to hunt small game, flush birds and wild boar.this is a native breed of Japan and is a small dog.there are five other breeds of Japan: Akita which is a large size dog, Kishu, Hokkaido, Kai and Shikoku.

These are the well spirited dog having small standing ears and they are clever and agile like a cat.they now become a best companion dog in Japan and United States.they have squinty eyes and curly tail they give a look like a fox.

Some Common Characteristics Of Shiba Inu

  1. Grooming a shiba inu is not a problem as they require less grooming though they shed heavily but this is just twice a year.
  2. They are very intelligent and learn quickly.they are hard to train as they are somewhat stubborn dogs a new owner will get annoyed easily when training them.
  3. Though small in size they need ample room to roam about they are not preferred if you live in an apartment and are best for living in a big home with huge fenced yard.
  4. They are not a danger but they don’t like a company of other dogs, they will run and chase after the small animal they see outside.
  5. They are a possessive kind of dogs; they don’t like to share their food and toys.
  6. To get a healthy puppy do not adopt through pet store and puppy mills, only get your dog through a reliable source a person who knows the history and all the genetic diseases the parents have.
  7. Male shiba inu are 14.5 to 16.5 inches tall and female shiba inu are 13.5 to 15.5 inches tall.
  8. Male weighs about 23 and female weighs about 17 pounds.
  9. They are the good natured and bold dogs; they have alert nature so they become good watch dogs.
  10. There are certain health conditions they suffer from but mostly they are the healthy dogs.
  11. They will suffer through some allergies mainly food allergies, glaucoma is also common in them where there is accumulation of fluids in the chest cavity.
  12. They also suffer from eye diseases and cancer, epilepsy is also genetic in them.the are prone to injuries, head tumors and headaches.
  13. If not socialized at early stage they become aloof and hostile towards other pets and people.although they are a smart breed training them is not as easy as training a golden retriever.
  14. When trained properly they grow up to be well-behaved dogs.
  15. They like to walk and run beside the owner but put leash on them for their safety.
  16. They need ½ to 1.5 cups of high quality good dog food twice a day.
  17. They have a thick double coat which makes them look like a teddy bear, he is a naturally clean and odor less dog which is a great quality about them.

They are best for cold weather and it is difficult for them to tolerate hot weather, they are highly adaptable in living in an apartment.









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