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Swedish Vallhund Puppies For Sale


There are many market places where Swedish vallhund puppies are available for sale.many breed clubs also sell them and in affordable prices.they are the most alert, cheerful and social dogs with an intelligent mind.

Energy level

  1. They are the most active dogs among other breeds.
  2. They are always eager to play outside and with toys.
  3. They have a huge energy but they can come for a cuddle as well.

Relation with children and other dogs

  1. They love children.
  2. They like to play with children but kids must also be careful as they are the small sized dogs which can easily be hurt or dropped.
  3. They are also good with other dogs and pets but they need to meet them with supervision.

Shedding and grooming

  1. They require occasional grooming like combing and bathing and trimming of nails.
  2. Shedding in Swedish vallhund is seasonal like they shed more in spring and fall.

Trainability and build

  1. They are easy to train as they want to please their owners.
  2. They weigh 20 to 35 pounds, and 12 to 13 inches tall.
  3. Life expectancy is 12 to 15 years.

This dog is from Sweden and is known since 800’s.they have somewhat harsh coat and they are medium sized dogs they are good watch dogs as they have alert nature.they come in gray, red-brown, red-yellow and gray-brown color.they are the most lively dog full of energy and crave their owners attention.

You can easily find a Swedish vallhund near you for sale, as there are many sites and many professional breeders who offer to sell them, but adopting through a rescue shelter is also a great option.the rescue club has always a cute puppy for adoption that need your care and attention.

There is this site https://www.adoptapet.com/s/adopt-a-swedish-vallhund where you can find dog of your choice by entering the initials of the dog you want.

You can find a trained Swedish vallhund through this site.they also have purebreds who are cute and adorable, as they have so much energy they tend to destroy things like furniture, toys and cloth even if they are well behaved.these dog at sale are sometimes fully house trained with bladder empty training.adult Swedish vallhunds are easier to train than the puppies because of their intelligence level.

They are the good companions but they have a tendency to hurt themselves, they don’t like to be left alone for long time so they must be kept in a company.developing a personality of Swedish vallhund puppy is a difficult task, you need to make sure they follow your commands and become obedient.they are extremely loyal and demand same from their owners.

Do not adopt from a puppy mill as their only purpose is to produce the dogs and sell them as many as they can, they have no clearance certificate about the parent dogs so they might be selling dogs who have some inherited health issues.

https://marketplace.akc.org/puppies/swedish-vallhund is another site where you can find your desired Swedish vallhund puppy.









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