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Symptoms And Causes Of Ringworm In Cats


When we heard name ringworm a lean and long worm comes in our minds which may be in round shape but that is not the case with ringworm it is not an actual worm but a fungal infection which affects the skin, hair and nails.this is a condition of skin where red patches appears in circles and this area suffers from hair loss.this is a highly contagious disease where it spreads to other pets and even humans too.

Symptoms and causes of ring worm in cats

  1. You can clearly see the skin lesions that appear on the head, forelimbs and ears.
  2. Ringworm is the reason you see flaky bald patches on the skin which has a red look mostly in the center of the patch.
  3. Mild cases only show dry patches or dandruff which has redness.
  4. While the severe cases of infection appears on the whole body of the cat
  5. It is a possibility that a cat carry ringworm but doesn’t show Any symptoms.

Reason behind getting ringworms

There are many reasons behind a cat getting ringworms it can be due to the direct contact to some infected animal or indirectly contacted with bedding, some dishes and other materials can also be contaminated with the infection and by touching those cats get ringworm.ringworm is a bacteria which can survive in any environment for more than a year.

How to diagnose ringworm

Some cats show few or no symptoms of ringworm it is difficult to look at the skin and diagnose a ringworm, a veterinarian will use expert tools and ultraviolet light to check if the cat has ringworm.he may take a hair or skin cell from an infected cat for examination of a fungal culture.still if they can’t find the infection they refer skin biopsy and microscopic exam to know about the disease.

Which cats can get ringworm?

Ringworm can occur to any cat but kittens which are less than a year and old cats are more prone to this infection. Cats that have long hair and those who are not neutered are also more vulnerable to this disease.warm and humid conditions promote spreading of the infection so the shelters and other crowded places where there are numerous cats and dogs living together suffer from ringworm infection.

What precautions must be taken to keep my cat safe?

  1. For accurately diagnosing your cat you need to visit a vet.
  2. Keep your cat in isolation until it is confirmed that the cat has ringworm infection.
  3. It can easily spread so keep your other pets away from the infected cat.
  4. You also need to thoroughly wash your hands and yourself after you touch that cat.

There are some medications available online and in market which are proved to be very effective for treating ringworm infections in cats.you just have to apply the cream after cleaning the area make sure you are wearing gloves.use light pressure while applying the cream, this will be an instant relief for her.









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