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The Best Age To Spay A Puppy Or A Dog

There are so many questions regarding spaying a dog and here we will answer few of them so you know if it is best to do this in heat or wait for the spring.

When we want to explain the best age in which you spay your dog we want you to understand your furry friends heat cycle or in easy words we can say when she is ready to breed.if your female dog is not spayed yet she will technically go into heat twice a year and this will often take place in spring and fall.we have shared with many people and they say that the dog go into first heat cycle when she is of seven months age and a single heat cycle lasts for about three weeks.So keeping above information in mind we say best age to spay a puppy is six months or even earlier if your dog has not gone into her first heat cycle.

How about spaying her during heat

If you ask our honest opinion we do not recommend spaying a dog or a puppy in heat.when she is in heat there is increased blood flow in her surgery parts and it will become a serious condition for her and surgery will be difficult to perform.when she goes into heat cycle wait for at least two to three months and let the heat cycle finished completely.this will give you abundant time to spay her before her next cycle.

When to spay your dog

Some old wives tale tells us to at least wait for one heat cycle before we spay her but this is just a tale we don’t have to wait for that exactly.there are some studies which shows that there is risk of mammary gland cancer and urinary incontinence when you wait for your dog to go through one or two heat cycles before spaying her.urinary incontinence means she will has a hard time holding her pee.

Not spaying her at all

If you choose to not spay her at all she will be prone to many infections of the uterus, a young vet says she has seen most of the unsprayed dogs go through the uterine infections so spaying them is necessary for their healthy life.one in every four unsprayed dogs suffer from mammary cancer which is very dangerous disease.

Select a comfortable veterinary clinic for your dog and a specialized vet must perform the procedure to ensure the safety and health of your pup.when your pet has no ovaries she will have no infections and remain healthy throughout her life.spaying is as important for female dogs as neutered is for the male dogs.

Do not ignore these procedures and raise a healthy dog.









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