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Turkish Angora Cat And Some Basic Information About It


This is a stubborn type of cat as once he gets the idea of doing something in his head it is impossible to change it but they are such a cuties that you won’t care if they do some mischievous act.

Some basic information about Turkish angora cats

  1. They are the simple looking beautiful cats they behave very calmly on the surface but when there is some stranger around they do something which shows their intelligence.
  2. They like to climb like most of the cats no bookshelf is high for them, no door will be safe from them and they will open it with the help of their paws.
  3. They are the clever cats which make them entertaining for their family and they are nicknamed as active most often.
  4. They love attention and will do anything even harm themselves if they want to grab your attention.
  5. They are the cats who never gets old they love to play even in old age; they have a pleasant and social nature and will do best in home where there are other dogs and cats.
  6. They like to sit in your lap and make themselves comfortable on the arm of the sofa; they prefer to sleep beside you in your bed.
  7. They have a silky coat with no undercoat, so they are very easy to groom just a weekly combing or brushing is enough.
  8. The coat will achieve full length when the cat is of two years old.
  9. You need to trim their nails every week and keep them clean.
  10. Always use a damp cloth to wipe their eyes and remove any discharge.
  11. You need to check their ears on weekly basis and clean them with soft damp cloth.
  12. Cats are mostly very particular about their hygiene so keep their litter box clean.
  13. Turkish angora cats are good to keep indoor as there is always a danger of attacks by the dogs and coyotes.
  14. Their coat is solid white and beneath it is a long, muscular and firm body.

They are a small to medium sized cats that weigh 5 to 9 pounds.they are friendly towards strangers so it is not possible that they will alert you about some unknown intruder.they mostly live for 12 to 18 years.they got their name from the turkish city Ankara which was formerly known as Angora.they come to Europe when Vikings bring them a thousand years ago.









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